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Smart Window Automation System

JulianAtWyndflowJulianAtWyndflow College Park MarylandMember
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Hello! I am one of the founders of Wyndflow, a smart home automation company. We are currently putting the final touches on the Economizer, a fully comprehensive window automation system. The Economizer automatically opens and closes windows in order to control the temperature of your home, and in addition to that, it naturally ventilates your house which increases indoor air quality.

Additionally, the Economizer is equipped with a locking mechanism so that your windows cannot be forced open, and motion sensors to detect any objects approaching your window. And the whole system can be monitored and controlled from your phone.

The cost of the Economizer is (tentatively) $200 (one Economizer allows you to automate one window), and by installing two or more you could save a few hundred dollars on you’re A/C bills possibly!

The Economizer is a stand alone system, however for maximum energy savings it is designed to connect to smart thermostats (through Wi-Fi) so that it can shut off your A/C (when possible) to save money.

If this at all sounds interesting I would love to talk to you more about it!

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