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What Sensors Vacation Mode uses

a2ma2m CO, USMember
edited March 2016 in ecobee

Apologize if this is a remedial question but on Vacation what sensors are averaged? "Away Sensors"?

Another one, how once a question has been answered in the forum, I set the thread to "Answered"



  • MikeyAMikeyA TorontoMember

    Hey @a2m the thermostat will use all the sensors for the vacation mode. Since the thermostat can only be set at one temperature for the vacation mode, it will just average the reading out between all sensors.
    If you don't want use certain sensor during a vacation mode, you could take the battery out of the sensor you don't want to use, then just reinstall them once your back. I hope this info helps!

  • a2ma2m CO, USMember

    Hi @MikeyA , yes it helps.


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