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Can't adjust temp when Ecobee3 Sensor isn't in use?

endo129endo129 NE OhioMember

I have sensors in 3 bedrooms I use to average between at night. the TSTAT sensor is not in use during this Sleep Comfort Profile. Follow Me is off.

Last night, I woke up around 12:30 and was a little warm. I noticed my daughter was sleeping on top of her covers so I thought I'll just back the temp down a degree. I grabbed my phone, slid the slider down a degree and chose to hold until my next comfort setting in the morning.

I jumped over to view my sensors and noticed that since I made the change, my 3 bedroom sensors as well as my TSTAT were lit up in white (which I believe indicates they are being used in the averaging of temp.) Because of this, I felt the need to actually edit my Sleep Comfort Profile instead of just making the temporary adjustment.

What gives with this? Can you not just adjust the temp on the fly without it using the TSTAT sensor as well?


  • endo129endo129 NE OhioMember

    Bump. Does anyone know anything about this? Happened again last night. Thanks.

    If I'm too hot or cool during a sleep comfort profile and I just adjust the temp on my phone, is that going to add the Ecobee3 itself into the mix when it should't be? In order to make night time adjustments, do I really need to alter my comfort profile itself and change it back in the morning?

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