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FINAL ANSWER: Follow ME and Multiple Sensors: Averaging

endo129endo129 NE OhioMember
edited February 2016 in ecobee

I'm looking for the end all be all on how the Ecobee works. It's probably here somewhere, but I haven't found it.
This is very basic Ecobee3 stuff that I just don't know with certainty. Every time I think I have it, i look at it and something different is happening.

Ecobee3. 4 Sesnors. 3 Set to a Comfort Mode. Follow Me enabled.

Does the Ecobee3:
a) average across all of those sensors,
b) or only the sensors that detect motion?

If b, how long does motion need to be in a room before it triggers, and how long after no motion does it stop?
Is the answer always a when in sleep mode? What if there is motion in a room where the sensor is not chosen for sleep mode? Is it then a combination of a and b (averages across all sensors chosen, but also adds the one with motion)?



  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember
    edited February 2016 Answer ✓

    It's a and b. It's a weighted average across the sensors when follow me is enabled. More weight is given to sensors that have more and recent motion. At some point after no motion as been detected for awhile, that sensor's weight is zero (unless all sensors don't detect motion for an extended period of time) and therefore does not contribute to the average. In sleep mode, it is an equal weighted average across all sensors selected.

    At least this is my understanding of how it works.

  • gizbuggizbug ChicagoMember

    Do most people use the Follow Me function?

  • carveitupcarveitup Ontario, CanadaMember

    I don't since I have four people in my house and my two kids (4 and 2) are on a different schedule than my wife and I. I suspect that the biggest value is for when only one or maybe two people are in the house. I suppose to be truly functional, Follow Me would require the use of remote sensors in all the rooms that are commonly used for a prolonged period.

  • gizbuggizbug ChicagoMember

    Any truth to "Follow Me" is more geared for people in multi-level homes opposed to single floor?

  • carveitupcarveitup Ontario, CanadaMember

    I don't know for sure but multi level houses are more likely to have different temperatures in different rooms, making the use of a specific remote sensor more helpful for ensuring ones comfort.

  • gizbuggizbug ChicagoMember

    Thanks. My 6 month old goes to bed at 630, and that is a home period. The sleep period starts at 11pm. Sleep period uses 2 sensors, one in each bedroom. Home period uses 3 sensors, (2 bedrooms/living room). Im afraid if I use Follow Me, then from 630-11pm, he's in his room, no movement detected, so the temp will go down (thermostat set at 70)

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    It depends if his room is typically colder or warmer than the rest of the house. If it is typically cooler, then yes it will be cooler with follow me active.

  • BaneSilvermoonBaneSilvermoon KYMember
    edited November 2016

    KRUZNBY appears to have answered this quite thoroughly. I believe the reason it is quite difficult to work out the exact mechanics at a glance is because the Ecobee sensors appear to be set with a very, very long transition time on change of status.

    This makes sense when you consider situations where you're going to be sitting in a room not doing much for an extended period, watching a movie or what have you, and there isn't much movement occurring in the room. You don't want the Ecobee to decide you're not there ten minutes after you start the movie because it hasn't noticed any motion in the last five minutes. So it has a significant delay before it will actually switch to considering that room empty.

    Of course this is not going to be ideal in all situations. But generally speaking, I'm more okay with it warming a bedroom that no one has been in for the last half an hour than I am with it deciding my office doesn't need to be warmed because I'm sitting here typing and it hasn't caught any motion in a few minutes. :smile:

    That said, I love Follow Me. We have a small one floor home, and my office; which is the closest room to the HVAC, and also houses my computers which potentially heat the room up a bit; is pretty consistently at least 1 degree higher than the rest of the house. When in use, it can often reach 6 or 7 degrees hotter than the other rooms.

    When I'm here alone and working, it's quite nice that the Ecobee will ignore the living room that is 69 degrees and will run the AC because my office is nearing 75. And I'm sure the girlfriend appreciates that when I'm in the office and she's in the living room or bedroom, it doesn't refuse to turn on the heat for her if it's 66 in there and my office is still over 70.

    This functionality is actually what sold me on the Ecobee.

  • gizbuggizbug ChicagoMember

    @KRUZNBY said:
    It depends if his room is typically colder or warmer than the rest of the house. If it is typically cooler, then yes it will be cooler with follow me active.

    The baby's room has brick wall, and is usually cooler feeling than the rest of the house. For that reason, I am experimenting with leaving follow me off.

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