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Does Ecobee3 React Intelligently to Sudden Temp. Change?

endo129endo129 NE OhioMember
edited January 2016 in ecobee

If the Ecobee 3 notices a sudden blast of hot or cold air, does anyone know how it reacts? I thought I read somewhere it recognized this and adjusted accordingly.

Ex.: My PlayStation is too close to the thermostat but there's no other solution. On my old thermostat after turning on the PlayStation, I'd see the temp go up 2-3 degrees almost right away and hold the whole time it was on. This would result in too cool of a room b/c the heat won't kick on in the winter and AC won't kick off in the summer.

Last night my Tstat was set to 68 (only using Tstat) but read 67 (67.7). Over the 25 minutes the PS was on, the temp actually dropped 1.8 degrees and was now 2.1 degrees below my set temp. The heat kicked on almost right away, level out the temp after 15 minutes and began to recover after 25 (PS shutting off). Maybe the PS was blowing cold air (which I've never seen before)? I also turned the PS on for a few hours the day before and I didn't notice any change but i thought i remembered the temp reading dropping as soon as i turned the PS off. (I have a drop of 1.7 degrees between 2:40 and 2:45, and a strange 1.2 degree drop and 1.2 degree raise in my set temps. unfortunately this data is kinda dirty in idk what the trigger was for sure but I find that still strange)


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