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Tour of a HomeKit enabled house with dozens of accessories.

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I’m a huge fan of Apple, and a big fan of the concept of home automation. Naturally, I was excited when Apple announced HomeKit, and the first HomeKit enabled accessories started rolling out. I am an early adopter, to put it lightly. I have a home built around 1870, and have outfitted it with an extraordinary amount of HomeKit devices, making pretty much the entire home controllable via HomeKit and Siri.

I wanted to provide a tour of my HomeKit-enabled home not only because its cool to control your home with Siri voice control, but also because I wanted to demonstrate some of the practical uses of HomeKit to improve your home. I hope you enjoy the video.

In this video, I discuss the following HomeKit devices in my house:

Lutron Caseta dimmers and remotes
Lutron Serena shades
Phillips Hue bulbs, lightstrips, dimmers, and tap switches
Ecobee 3 thermostats and sensors
iHome SmartPlugs

I also discuss the third party app: Home - Home Automation with HomeKit By Matthias Hochgatterer.

By my estimation, this is the best HomeKit app so far.

I have gone through a lot of time setting up these devices, troubleshooting problems, and resolving them. In another video or post I'll discuss some of the common problems you can run into with HomeKit setups.

If you have any HomeKit questions or comments, let me know.




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