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WiFi disconnect requiring power cycle to restore connectivity



  • nanooknanook TorontoMember

    Happening to me too.

  • acfacf DetroitMember

    I too am seeing the ecobee3 disconnected from the wifi. I have not yet had to power cycle it - rather, just changing the temp at the thermostat caused it to connect. On the other hand, after adding the ecobee3 some months ago, I have seen additional wifi clients on my router admin page, with no identifiers. I contacted support, and was told they had no idea of whether the new entries were theirs. Eventually was told it could not be the three sensors, as they communicate with the t-stat on 917Mhz, not wi-fi. All this is leading to a building loss of confidence in the system and the company.

  • On the Plume support page they have an article on this which states that the problem is Ecobee does not support CSA (Channel Switch Announcement) . Ecobee has a firmware fix for ecobee 4s and is working on one for ecobee 3. I contacted ecobee several months ago with this problem and the findings here about CSA and got no acknowledgement from Ecobee support so they are a little slow on recognizing they have a problem and fixing it. If you search for "Ecobee devices connected to Plume Network disconnect intermittently" you may find the Plume article but you may have to log on to read it.

  • leonardoxiaoleonardoxiao British ColumbiaMember

    I am having the same Wi-Fi problem with my E3. My firmware version is

  • leonardoxiaoleonardoxiao British ColumbiaMember

    @CaseyEcobee said:
    If anyone is still experiencing this, please send me a Private Message with your Serial Number and email address associated with your account, and I can have a firmware update pushed to resolve the issue, or if it doesn't it will help us better understand your issue so we CAN resolve it.

    VP of Product @ ecobee

    PM sent. Finger crossing...

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