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Homekit-powered thermostat...from iDevices

Only USD $149! Info here:


So far, I haven't seen any third party reviews of this thermostat.

System Compatibility:
* Heating: 1 and 2 Stages (W1, W2)
* Cooling: 1 and 2 Stages (Y1, Y2)
* Heat Pump: 1 and 2 stage with Aux or Emergency Heat (O/B, Aux/E)
* Fan Control: G
* Power: C (required), RH, RC
* Converts to Fahrenheit or Celsius

Anybody tried this?



  • I still can't find an actual review of this product although there are some user questions listed on the product page.


    The installation guide is also available in their support section:


    AFAICT, the thermostat is almost no 'smarts' built in. The on-device setup consists of identifying the most basic characteristics of your system: heat pump or not, heat/cool stages. You don't set up any schedules. Apparently, any schedules must rely on Homekit timers and geofencing, etc. However, the screenshots on iTunes don't even show anything to do with the thermostat.


    Also, I don't see any indication that it supports usage tracking, like Ecobee. It definitely does not support multiple sensors. I don't even know if it has separate heat and cool modes or if it just runs in Auto mode.

    Given the 'teething problems' with Homekit, I couldn't trust this product to control my (expensive) HVAC system during the coming winter.


  • Just got another mailing about this thermostat They now have a bit more product information on their site:


    Appears it is now actually shipping (US and Canada) -- USD $149.

    Also available in the US at Lowes:


    Right now, there is only one customer review...from someone who expected the thermostat would learn his routine. Do people not read anything before clicking "Buy"?

    The Support section of their site seems very weak at present. No walkthroughs on common tasks like registering the tstat with Homekit or setting up a comfort schedule. iTunes shows a new version of their app released on Nov 18, 2015 with an updated firmware for the tstat. The What's New notes mention 'customized power costs'. Hmmm.

    BTW, I've had Homekit running scheduled events for about 3 months now with nary a hiccup. All I'm doing is turning my landscape lighting on/off in both the evening and early morning via in iHome Smartplug. Works whether I'm home or away and even if the internet connection is down. In that sense, maybe the iDevices thermostat isn't such a stretch. Set up timer triggers for the basic Wake Up, Leave for Work, etc scenes and have Homekit set the appropriate temp targets. Use Siri or the app for overrides, etc.

    I don't see how iDevices expects to sell many of these, though. Compared to Nest and Ecobee, it has far fewer features...only that the selling price is $100 lower. And yet it is way more expensive than a basic 7-day programmable tstat...just that it is controlled by Siri.


  • PS, I wonder if iDevices will get their tstat listed in the Apple Store. The only "Heating and Cooling" accessory right now is the Ecobee3.


  • HubertHubert San AntonioMember

    I would be very hesitant about letting a HomeKit app control my thermostat on a daily basis. I've had too many hiccups with my system. I'd rather have a thermostat like Nest or Ecobee that can work independently if the rest of my home automation system is down.

  • I'm actually warming to the idea (rum-induced pun!). My Homekit timer triggers have been rock-solid since September. I've never seen one miss. Siri and remote access are much less reliable but that hardly matters--my thermostat is 95% run on timers.


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