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Ecobee Cooling Smart Recovery

TurboDanTurboDan MIMember
edited August 2015 in ecobee

I have an original Ecobee smart, and I've noticed that when the cool Smart recovery occurs, the A/C is cycled is short bursts instead of one long run cycle before the desired time. The AC may start to run as much as two or three hours ahead of my run time! I can't help but think the short cycles will be bad for my equipment in the long term, has anyone else noticed that their Ecobee cycles their equipment in short bursts in cool Smart Recovery?



  • lannister80lannister80 ChicagoMember

    No, not at all, mine runs as long as it needs to for Smart Recovery (in one long run).

    Could there be something wrong with your AC unit? Going into "thermal lockout" because something is overheating?

  • Thanks for the response, but unfortunately the Ecobee is actually controlling the system this way. If you look at the image of my home IQ, you can see that the system runs for about 5 minutes, every 5 minutes, for an hour or so (not a solid blue bar and less than 300sec in table). Then the A/C runs more consistently as the desired home time nears.

    Home IQ

    Time:              Compressor Run Time (s):
    15:05:00        90
    15:10:00        300
    15:15:00        240
    15:20:00        60
    15:25:00        300
    15:30:00        195
    15:35:00        105

  • lannister80lannister80 ChicagoMember

    Wow, that's....really bizarre. Sorry I can't be of help!

  • No problem, I think I'll just turn off the smart recovery in cooling mode for now.


  • scspea0scspea0 KYMember

    This is just a theory, but it may be running some algorithm to try determine the minimum compressor run time to reach target temp. After the compressor shuts off, the coils in the air handler are still cold and take a little while to warm up. The system can continue to cool the air for a few minutes after the compressor turns off (this is why the setting to run the fan for a bit after the compressor shuts down exists). Maybe it's cycling the compressor off to take advantage of this "free" cooling, then turning it back on when it figures that the coils have warmed to the point where there's no further benefit...

  • bacekbacek VirginiaMember

    I did experience something similar.
    1. Try power cycling the ecobee (either turn off a breaker for your airhandler or pull ecobee off the wall) for 5 minutes
    2. if it does not work, call support, explain the situation, they can wipe certain memory cache remotely that is used for auto recovery calculation. It happen to me few times. After remote wipe all got back to normal.
    I suspect your unit is stuck in learning mode - with short bursts ecobee is learning how quickly it can cool the house, but after few hours of such behavior it should be back to normal.

  • JimJim Birmingham, ALMember

    Mine did that initially too, starting 4+ hours before the scheduled change. It has gotten much better at hitting the desired temperature right at the proper time. I think there are two things going on, one it's learning how you house responds to the a/c to better predict how long it will need to run. And two, I think, probably based on that information, it sets a time weighted temperature differential to predict perfect recovery. So, if at 3, your house hits 78, even if you have it set to 80, it may cool it to 76, so that at 4, it can kick in and get it to 72 by 5. (just a rough example) mine usually goes into smart recovery 5 or so times before I get home.

  • lannister80lannister80 ChicagoMember

    Jim said:
    mine usually goes into smart recovery 5 or so times before I get home.

    Huh, I would have thought doing Smart Recovery in "one big run" would be the most efficient...

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