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ecobee3 Feature Request Thread



  • I think it still uses the checked sensors in the menu. I have three sensors plus the tstat on our second floor and it doesnt read the tstate (I dont think) as I unchecked it from the averging list.

  • y3kniky3knik Ottawa, Ontario Member

    Another feature that I thought of.. selecting averaging sensors for sleep state instead of averaging throughout.

    I have 3 sensors + the main stat and 1 active bedroom. So, in my case, it would be ideal if instead of an average, only my bedroom sensor is taken into account. If motion is detected on other sensors, maybe then average it.

  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    chrisyng said:
    I belive the large temp number displayed on the screen is the average temp among all sensors, not the temp at the thermostat .. at least that's how my temp is displayed (sensor upstairs reads 26 degrees C, room where my thermostat is located is 23 degrees C, display on the thermostat and app and portal shows 24.5 degrees)

    To Chrisyng and gsimmons:
    You are correct. The E3 does display the average temperature across all the sensors and the thermostat. I checked this afternoon.

    The reason behind this fiasco is that I brought a basic weather station from Costco and the readout for indoor temperature is 2 -3C higher than actual temperature. Somehow I thought the E3 was displaying the wrong temperature as I didn't realize you can check the temp of the sensors on the E3. Anyway, the weather station is going back to Costco and I am keeping my E3.

  • ChrisD24ChrisD24 Salisbury, NCMember

    Just checked my ecobee3 report - AUX kicks on after 30 minutes on this unit as well. WHY??? :(( UGH - Gonna turn that COMP to AUX runtime off on this unit too. Hope they fix this! My request is a smarter way to handle AUX! We have smart recovery - so let's be smart about it!

  • JohnsnowJohnsnow NaMember
    edited October 2014

    in activities allow better fan control, rather then on/auto allow x min/hr as well. Change the fan control in system settings from x mins/hr to run fan for x hours (with hold feature like in heat/cool). If system set to off allow fan to run x min/hr AND x hr (with hold feature like in heat/cool).

    With the Nest you could trigger the fan on a timer, whenever you needed it. What i'd like to be able to do is when the house is set to Away, i don't want it to run the fan unless it calls for heat/cool. But if the house is set to home then the fan runs x mins/hr. If I set the system to off (fall/spring) I would like to run the fan 20mins/hr or run fan at 2PM for 4 hours. Right now I can turn the fan on for the any activity but thats wasted energy especially when set to away.

    Clearer indication of when heat/cool is running, change the colour on the room temp numbers from white to orange/blue or change the background colour of the screen like on the Nest.

    Add +/- above and below the scroll bar to adjust the temp as an option to the slider which can be finiaky at times.

  • jskjsk DCMember

    For me the most important feature is the sensor in the baby's bedroom. I would like to define a minimum/maximum for this sensor and some warning function.

    I use the fan to average the temperature across rooms in the house. It would be great if the fan could be programmed so that it runs as long as the temperature between rooms is above a certain threshold.

  • Put the sensor values in the app already!!!

  • Something I've noticed on my tablet, the E3 app doesn't do Landscape. You either use it in Portrait or else. My tablet has a built in stand - in Landscape mode. The old app is fine in landscape.

  • sforstensforsten OntarioMember

    I would like to be able to select active sensors per Comfort Setting. Example, in the summer I want to be able to control the temp in our bedroom only and not the rest of the house by only selecting the bedroom sensor in the Sleep Comfort Setting. Another example, in the winter I want to be able to only select one of the downstairs sensors for my Wake Up Comfort Setting.

  • marcalbertmarcalbert New YorkMember

    A feature I have not seen is the possibility to create other modes than Home, Sleep and Away. For example Home and rather hot or home and rather cold

    I want to know from my phone app what the sensors are getting for each room. It is a much more useful information when I am away than when I can just go and check myself!

    I am impatient to see the stats of my ecobee: how is the acrual temperature evolving through time for each room, when is the room empty or full, when is the heater on, why am I saving on cost and how much.

  • my0gr81my0gr81 coldnadaMember

    marcalbert said:
    A feature I have not seen is the possibility to create other modes than Home, Sleep and Away. For example Home and rather hot or home and rather cold

    I created a new "comfort setting" from schedule in the web portal called "Out n About" for those lazy week end afternoons. I believe you can create up to 5 custom settings.

    I second (third or fourth maybe) the ability to see sensor readings on the web and mobile interfaces.

  • my0gr81my0gr81 coldnadaMember

    My request is to ensure Ecobee's put customer support and responses to requests to their service desk as a priority.

    I have to say, I am disappointed with Ecobee's responsiveness to the "request support" from the secure web portal. I sent a request in 3 days ago and yet to see a response. The most important feature should always, and above all else be timely and responsive customer service. Without that, every other features only keeps the geeks and early adopters as customers and loses the regular customer who gets frustrated of waiting and decides to move on.

  • aweber1njaweber1nj NJ, USAMember

    I second (or more) the comments regarding making the sensors more configurable and even smarter. Especially the comment about configuring them per Comfort Setting, and the ability to "weight" the temperatures.

  • ChrisD24ChrisD24 Salisbury, NCMember

    I've thought about putting dampers wired to thermostats in the bedrooms before, but one of the issues is the temperature controls wouldn't match up. But since ecobee3 has wireless sensors, wouldn't "wireless" dampers or controllers that "pair up" to it's room sensor be a great idea?

  • bemyaxbemyax Northeast Iowa, US Member

    I don't want to go off topic, but ... ecoventsystems.com has what a lot of people seem to want. However, I think the price went up. I preordered a system for the other house. Now, back to your regular programming.

  • ChrisD24ChrisD24 Salisbury, NCMember

    That sounds ideal, if it works with ecobee (which it doesn't look like it does at the moment) - that would be cool.

  • dsniderdsnider CambridgeMember

    I'm somewhat surprised that in upgrading from the ecobee si to the ecobee3, I now get less useful information on the default screen. The si would show me the inside and outside temperature and humidity, as well that the current heating/cooling stage. The ecobee3 only shows the inside temperature and a representation of the weather.

    I'd like to see at least as much information as the si, if not more. Why no outside information? Why no time display? Why not make these things configurable?

  • ChrisD24ChrisD24 Salisbury, NCMember

    I agree, the standby screen lacks information and the cloudy icon at first made me think something was wrong (with the lines all through it). Hopefully they allow more info on the standby screen. >:D<

  • dsniderdsnider CambridgeMember

    Also, why only control of one accessory? I'd like to be able to control an HRV as well as a humidifier.

  • PorterPorter Roanoke, VAMember

    It would be particularly nice to be able to control more kinds of ventilators than just HRV and ERV - for example I have a whole house ventilation fan (high CFM) that would be fantastic for setback recovery in the summer, if I could automate it with the E3.

  • bitcurationbitcuration Los AngelesMember

    Not seem to be a popular request, but hasn't anyone experienced when weather changes the room temperature doesn't feel the same?

    I'd really like to incorporate forecast or outdoor temperature to the adjustment, make the set temperature fluctuate in a range according to outdoor temperature, provided the fluctuation range can be chosen.

    Admitted someone went ahead make a smarthings script to adjust Ecobee based on outdoor temperature http://community.smartthings.com/t/monitor-ecobee-temp-and-adjust-it-according-to-outdoor-sensor/7273

    It should be in strong demand if it takes someone to program it. Then Ecobee should add this feature as built-in.

  • my0gr81my0gr81 coldnadaMember

    I thought it already did this using forecast data and the script was to use a smartthing sensor to used sensed data.

  • bitcurationbitcuration Los AngelesMember

    my0gr81 said:
    I thought it already did this using forecast data and the script was to use a smartthing sensor to used sensed data.

    Not able to confirm that yet. The review question posted on Amazon received mixed answers. On Ecobee Smart Si some answers are positive, but not on Ecobee 3.

  • Another one here or wants to see data from the sensors in the app. Seems really odd that we don't have it.

  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

    I'm told that ecobee is working on it.

  • RichCanyonRichCanyon Westchester County, NYMember
    edited December 2014

    I'm curious to know why the schedule can only be set on the 1/2 hour. I'd like to see it in 5-minute increments. I haven't been able get the morning temperatures right because it either starts heating too early or too late. My old Honeywell did better. I'm glad ecobee doesn't build alarm clocks. (:-O)

  • sausau CalgaryMember
    edited December 2014


    I just received my e3 and I am quite happy with it. For future feature requests I would like to request the following:

    • A little more current weather details as many of requested
    • Some settings in relation to how to try and rebalance temperature between the remote sensors (ie run fan)
    • Handle 2 accessories. I have an HRV and a humidifier. I was hopeful to remove two wall warts rather than just one.
    • Adjustable timeout setting before setting auto away setback. Currently I believe it is a static 2 hours.
    • Not sure if it is already, but having the sensor data accessible via the api would be nice.


  • KingfisherKingfisher MadisonMember
    edited December 2014

    If I have 3 sensors in 3 bed rooms, I want Ecobee to read only the temp from the choosen rooms and not from the where the thermostat is installed. Should be able to choose which sensor I need to read.Do we have this functionality already?

  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

    @Kingfisher: Yes. You can disable the "main" sensor so that it doesn't get a "vote" as to what the temp is.

  • KingfisherKingfisher MadisonMember
    edited December 2014

    Steve said:
    @Kingfisher: Yes. You can disable the "main" sensor so that it doesn't get a "vote" as to what the temp is.

    HOw to do that?

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