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ecobee3 Feature Request Thread



  • @KRUZNBY said:
    You can already change the swing temp settings to do this

    That only sets how far the temperature drops below the set point before turning on, not how far above the set point the heater will run. Correct?

  • PFeezzyPFeezzy Arizona Member
    edited March 2016

    I have another feature request. I would like the ability to add custom names to vacation schedules.

  • jarmeniajarmenia FloridaMember

    I'd like to be able to adjust how quickly it switches to/from smart away. We don't have consistent schedules and with three teens and adults in the house I can't use geofencing and trying to get the last one to switch into away mode is impossible.

  • a2ma2m CO, USMember
    edited May 2016

    1.- Adjustable Fan Time: Automatically run FAN on schedule instead on fixed minutes per hour. I would like to run the fan less often at night time than at day time

    2.- Set a Comfort Setting: Ability to select a Comfort Setting for a period of time as it is done with setting override

    3.- Set Temperature+Sensor(s): Allow to select sensor(s) when overriding the schedule

    4.- Clean this thread: it is getting too long, there are requests that were already added to the functionality so it is hard to review it to avoid posting duplicates

  • nagle3092nagle3092 WashingtonMember

    I would like to see dual factor authentication implemented.

  • eronius_monkeronius_monk TorontoMember

    I would like to be able to customize the hold times to whatever i like. Right now the 2 hr/4hr times are too limited.

  • nagle3092nagle3092 WashingtonMember

    @eronius_monk said:
    I would like to be able to customize the hold times to whatever i like. Right now the 2 hr/4hr times are too limited.

    You can change it so it will hold until the next scheduled activity.

  • V-landV-land CaliforniaMember

    I would like to see the HomeKit scenes allow for changing the thermostat to 'Away for now' or 'home for now' instead of just 'Away (and hold)' or 'Home (and hold)'. When I go to bed early and tell Siri goodnight, all my lights turn off and the thermostat should kick the system off. However, right now if I do that, it doesn't turn back on in the morning until after I wake up and tell it 'Good morning' so I wake up in a 64 degree house instead of 72 degrees.

    Also, can we add additional comfort settings other than home away and sleep? I'd like to have 'warmer' and 'cooler' that might be 5 degrees different than standard home range. Again, I'd be able to tell Siri "I'm cold" or "I'm hot" and the thermostat could switch to one of those until the end of the current scheduled time.

  • EvermoreEvermore PhoenixMember

    I have a Time of Use plan, with higher electricity rates during certain peak hours. I'd like an option to tell this to my Ecobee so that it disables Smart Recovery during this time.

  • hightower4586hightower4586 OregonMember

    Add clock to the main screen

  • sirozhasirozha AtlantaMember
    edited May 2016

    Remote censors for the Ecobee 3 thermostat should be enabled for being placed in HomeKit rooms. Each remote sensor should be handled as a discrete HomeKit accessory (like each Hue bulb) with the Ecobee 3 thermostat to which a remote sense is paired serving as the HomeKit bridge for that remote sensor. The way remote sensors are currently implemented precludes remote sensors functioning as discrete HomeKit accessories. Therefore, if the Ecobee 3 thermostat is in the HomeKit room named "Master," and a remote sensor is physically located in the Office, HomeKit sees this remote sensor as being in the room "Master". Even if I create a HomeKit room named "Office," I can't place the remote sensor located in the office into the HomeKit room named "Office". Therefore, as it stands now, the Ecobee 3 thermostats are only partially compatible with HomeKit.

    For the reason described above, if I give the remote sensor installed in the office the name "Office" and I also have a HomeKit room named "Office," Siri does not recognize the remote sensor named "Office" and instead searches for a thermostat in the HomeKit room named "Office". Since the thermostat is placed in the HomeKit room named "Master," Siri cannot report on the temperature in the office based on the temperature detected by the remote sensor called "Office".

  • leocheng0805leocheng0805 TexasMember

    @nagle3092 said:
    You can change it so it will hold until the next scheduled activity.

    I would also like to request this feature. The 4 hour tab can be replaced by a choose your time tab, for example. I really need a timed holding option (like alarm) that I can choose the span of time to fit my need.

  • sulliedsullied Livermore, CAMember

    I've got a couple of suggestions:

    1 - Add the fan setting to the home screen on the thermostat and the app. Just like how you can touch the Flame/Snowflake and change the HVAC mode of operation, it would be good to have a fan icon and options for AUTO/ON/PROG or something like that. Every thermostat I've ever owned has had a walkup 1-button/switch operation for the fan.

    2 - Identify what equipment is running on the home screen of the thermostat and the app. Maybe add color to the flame/snowflake/fan if they are running or something. Sometimes I'm lying in bed and wonder what equipment just turned on. It would be nice to just look at the home screen and make sure it's the equipment I want/expect. Sensi's app changes blue or red based on what is running at the time. I found that to be useful.

  • jaumsjaums United StatesMember

    I like sullied's suggestions. 1. easier access to the fan; 2. What's Running indication easily seen from across the room & on the app & online landing pages

  • kd2lzhkd2lzh SoCalMember

    I would like to see an adjustment to Smart Away, it seems to take 2 hours for this to start after you leave. Maybe an adjustment from 15 Minutes to 2 hours. Just a thought

  • mazzikmazzik CaliforniaMember

    This request was mention in another thread, it would be good to be able to assign the 'Minimum Fan Runtime' to a comfort setting. Ideally, I would like it on during 'Sleep' to prevent the room from getting stuffy and off during 'Away' to save power

  • shephp01shephp01 CaliforniaMember

    Purchased the ecobee3 because of the Smart Away feature. We would like the Smart Away enabled while Smart Home is disabled but currently (v3.6.1.602) they must be both enabled/disabled together.

    1) I would like to see Smart Home/Away separated into Smart Home and Smart Away.
    2) The idea proposed by kd2lzh - a time adjustment - seems just as important for the Smart Home and Smart Away features.

  • Please add the option to show a clock on the main display

  • a2ma2m CO, USMember

    Weather Underground Stations for the Outdoor temperature and forecast

  • ZD2342ZD2342 Member

    Please add an option to indicate to the thermostat that you are actually in the room. Waiting for the sensor to register sometimes is quite annoying

  • snakeusasnakeusa OntarioMember
    1. Option to require a tap to wake the screen from standby screen instead of always by proximity sensor. (Standby screen (especially with outdoor weather) is so much nicer to look at, but always goes away when I get close).

    2. Clock on standby screen

    3. Ability to see daily usage on device itself (without having to login to website each time).

  • lannister80lannister80 ChicagoMember

    PLEASE let us pick the weather station (wunderground) we'd like to get our outdoor data from!

  • toyzrmetoyzrme Cary, NCMember

    I'd like to be able to set Smart Recovery on & off per activity (period/program/setting) - sorry, newbee3 here :-)

    For example: in the winter morning, I don't want the heat blowing until I actually get up (it wakes me up early otherwise). So I want the heat to come on at precisely 6:30. I'm active, and in the shower - the initial temp at 6:30 isn't critical.

    But on a hot summer afternoon in NC (95+F), I don't want to have to wait 2 hours after I get home for the house to cool down; rather, I'd like the Smart Recovery active for this program. One day can be 95, the next 80 - so I want the Ecobee to get it right every day, instead of me guessing wrong.

    The same goes for when I go to bed: I like sleeping cool, so gradually bring the temp down (Smart Recovery) by 10:30, rather than coming on full-bore at 10:30, and overshooting.

    This way, I can balance comfort and economy: the luxury of Smart Recovery, while still saving money (and the planet) on some periods.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Well it has been a year now , and it is the cooling season again with high utility rates for me during certain hours of the day.

    Please add the ability to turn on and off smart cooling within the Schedule's Comfort Settings.

    Right now I would like to have Smart Cooling / Heating Enable all the time except for Away.

    Reason is I use Away setting through IFTTT when my utility rates are high and I do not want my HVAC running at all or as little as possible when my utility rates are high.

    Right not I turned off Smart Cooling / Heating, but I want this feature on during other scheduled times.

    Or allow IFTTT to turn on and off Smart Cooling / Heating.

    Either feature would make me really really happy.

  • toyzrmetoyzrme Cary, NCMember

    Please change the Amazon Echo/Alexa integration (and IFTTT!) integration such that making a change results in a TEMPORARY hold, rather than a PERMANENT hold. After all, we all got this device to be energy efficient, right? So it should default to the more efficient approach (i.e. resume next schedule).

    I kept trying the various integration points, then wondered how my Ecobee got into a permanent hold - and blamed my wife, kids, and the dog....

    I think MOST people using voice integration through the Echo (or Siri) would want the temperature changed NOW, for a WHILE - but not FOREVER. I can always set it again, if a transition occurs, right? More than likely, I won't be there that long, and the right thing will happen (it will go back to the program).

    Or, let me CHOOSE which default action to take in the setup options, just like changing on the thermostat itself: i.e., "default to 1) 2 hours, 2) 4 hours, 3) next scheduled change, 4) until I change it manually" (PS let me change 2 & 4 hours to whatever I want!). Then any subsequent use of the Echo would use that setting. Have a separate default for the IFTTT folk.

    The ultimate would be to enhance it to allow specifying which kind of hold to use, or amount of time - and/or prompt for it (like the Echo asking which thermostat you want changed, if you don't specify). You could also confirm (i.e. respond) which hold is being used - that would avoid any confusion. e.g. right now, if it just said "thermostat set to 72 degrees permanent hold", I'm sure a lot fewer people would be surprised.

    My guess is that most people wanting a PERMANENT hold (e.g. they're going out/traveling for a while), would want the visual confirmation anyway, and make the change at the TSTAT anyway (I know I would, to be sure - although voice confirmation would allay that concern).


  • schneidschneid ChicagoMember

    Set Temperature+Sensor(s): Allow to select sensor(s) when overriding the schedule OR at least use the currently active sensors (instead of all sensors) when doing a temperature hold.

  • tombeetombee Tallahassee, FLMember

    Wishing to have date/time shown on main screen. So used to check time on my old Honeywell thermo.

    Thank you developers.

  • yakabudayakabuda WIMember
    1. Clock on idle screen. Doesn't have to be on by default but give me the option.
    2. Fan Icon on home screen (system mode icon). Show and highlight fan icon when running due to minimum fan on time or fan set to ON. Consistent with display for Heat and Cool call states.
    3. Fan control per comfort profile. Desired minimum fan run time greatly depends on home/away/sleep.
    4. Smart Fan. Adjust fan on time to even sensor temps, or to limit cooling calls if fan-only calls bring cool air (e.g. from basement).
    5. Data digests. Email data history csv file every month. This gets around the 31-day history limitation, without forcing data hoarders to manually grab it once a month.
    6. Better system for user feedback. A stickied forum thread for feature requests?! What a mess.
  • jaumsjaums United StatesMember

    Great suggestions!

    ecobee? Hello? Any comments?

    3, I'd say "home/away/sleep + whether in heat or cool realm. (The benefits of the fan differ when the system is needed to cool the house vs. heat the house.)

  • dmelcer9dmelcer9 Member
    edited July 2016

    What would be really nice are holds that still obey smart home/away. If I change the temperature and then leave a few hours later, it would be nice if the thermostat could still go into away mode.

    Something else that isn't mentioned a lot of consistency across platforms. Different settings are available on the thermostat itself, mobile, and web. It would be nice if everything was available from everywhere.

    I would also like to second a few of the suggestions here:

    1. Homekit should follow the "hold until" settings.
    2. There should be a "set comfort profile until next transition" button. For example, if I go to sleep early, I should be able to press a button and automatically go into the sleep comfort profile, but have a good temperature when I wake up. This already is an IFTTT action, but I'd rather be able to use the screen/official app.
    3. An (optional) clock on the idle screen. There's no real reason not to.
    4. Version changelogs and manual checking for updates. A confirmation before an update is installed would be nice, too. Again, not much of a reason not to.
    5. Adjusting the length of time before smart home/away activates.
    6. Something better for user feedback. Ideally, people can post their ideas and others can vote on them, somewhat like the Microsoft feedback tool.
    7. I'm not sure this is even possible, but an option for the remote sensors to check occupancy more often. I don't really mind if the sensor runs down in 2 years instead of 4—that's still plenty of time and the batteries are easily replaceable.
    8. The fan's 5 minutes/hour (or whatever you set it to) just wastes power when away, unless there is a large temperature differential (which the remote sensors can measure).

    The ecobee is an awesome product as it is; it wouldn't be the end of the world if these weren't implemented. However, it would make it that much better.

    Thank You!

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