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ecobee3 Feature Request Thread

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
edited November 2014 in ecobee

This is the feature request thread for ecobee3 thermostat (and the updated web interface and mobile app). If you have features you'd like to see incorporated into future ecobee firmwares for this device, this is the right thread to post and discuss them.

Please use the separate ecobee Smart / Si Feature Request Thread for recommendations relating to those older units.



  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

    I'll make the first batch of suggestions, since I also included them in my product review.

    First, I miss the numeric temperature showed on the home screen as part of the weather icon.

    Next, I'd love the ability for the mobile app to show me the temperatures and occupancy status for the remote sensors.

    I'd love the ability to "theme" the touch-screen interface. It looks great, but I miss some of the colorful interface from the original t-stats.

    For those of us who love having a separate equipment interface module, perhaps they could sell an add-on wireless expansion unit. It could work much like the original ecobee equipment interface in that it could be powered by 24V from the furnace (or via a separate wall-plug adapter) and offer multiple connections for auxiliary devices, but it could also communicate over the WiFi network (or maybe even via ecobee's prioprietary 915Mhz remote sensor network) back to the ecobee3.

  • birchenoughbirchenough New HampshireMember

    Educating oneself or demonstrating functionality to someone else, a web portal demo of the ecobee3 would be extremely valuable. They have them for their Smart and EMS thermostats and I understand from ecobee tech support they have one for the ecobee3, but it's for internal use only. I hope they make one available soon for the public.

  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

    After a couple more days with the ecobee3, I realized there's something else I'm missing from original Smart interface: a clock on the home screen. My main floor thermostat located is in a very high-traffic corner of the house... and I now realize how often I used to check the Smart as I walked by to see the current time -- because the ecobee3 doesn't show the current time on the home screen, and I REALLY miss it.

    I'd even settle for a clock display on the "wake" home screen (the one that appears when it senses motion) because it always wakes when I walk by.

    And it's so nice to have a wall-mounted clock that auto-adjusts for Daylight Savings. :)

  • I agree 100% with steve, put the outside temp as a little number on the corner of the outside weather icon (sun). Also, the time helps, but we wear watches, so less of a need for me at least

  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember
    edited October 2014

    After installing my E3, I would like to suggest the following add-ons.

    1. Addition of a sensor time out setting. Right now I have no idea how long ago the sensor detected motion. If the upstairs sensor detected motion and I left the house right away (typical example is I run back inside the house to the 2nd floor to get car keys), how long will the thermostat average the temperature before it realize no motion is detected upstairs?

    2. Ability to read sensor temperature and motion on the web and app interface. Right now I can only do that via the thermostat.

    3. App does not display sensor info.

    4. The UI on the thermostat (and the mobile app) can use a little bit of color. Note: if adding color will slow down the interface then let's leave it the way it is. (Note: I find the webpage interface more colorful than the UI of the thermostat.)

    5. Android app only: Once you log out of the app, pressing the BACK button should not bring up the main menu and main screen.

  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member

    Hi there,
    I'd like to add access to ecobee3's sensor data via the API....

  • y3kniky3knik Ottawa, Ontario Member

    I cannot tell the Thermostat state from the portals. Right now, the thermostat is not operational but there is no indication of this on the portals.

  • y3kniky3knik Ottawa, Ontario Member

    Ability to add new authorised users to the same thermostat so that everyone in the house has their own username and password would be nice too

  • EcobeeTSEcobeeTS Ecobee Employee

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. They have been added to our internal Suggestion Tracker.

    EFTC - The ability to read sensor temperatures from the portal is coming. I don't have an exact ETA, but the developers I'm told are working on this.


  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    To Ecobee TS

    That's so awesome. I am excited to know that Ecobee will put Sensor info from the portal.

    Here are more suggestions for the Base unit:

    1. It would be awesome to have the furnace staging info on the standby screen. Currently I see it on the quick change screen. (Opportunity for Improvement)

    Here are some suggestions on the app (Sorry I only tested the Android version):

    1. The app makes the user enter the log-in info every time it loads. I am ok with that due to security reasons. After log out, it brings back to the log-in menu. I can use the back button to look at my settings. (Bug Report)

    2. On the log in screen, when I hit the back button the screen goes black. I have to hit the back button once more to exit out of the app. (Bug Report).

    3. Swiping sideways in the tutorial does not always work (Bug Report).

    4. "Try Our Demo" looks too much like the real thing. Perhaps a message that reads "DEMO ONLY" can be added to the top of the screen so users won't mistaken they are making changes to their system. (Opportunity for improvement).

  • lsilvalsilva CanadaMember
    edited October 2014

    To Ecobee TS, my 2 cents

    Regarding the sensors, I think there's a lot of potential to really customize the experience.

    If we could have individual comfort settings for each sensor it will be perfect. For example, my wife believes comfort is when temperatures are between 23C and 25C whereas I really like temperatures from 21C to 23C range.

    Add the ability to define the weight of each sensor, let's say the sensor at my wife's office it's twice more important than the sensor in my office and then have the thermostat to care and reach an average temperature.

    Last but not least, the ability to control how often the sensor should be searching for occupancy (or for how long the detection is valid) could add another layer of customization.

  • karlmayerkarlmayer Member
    edited October 2014

    I did not see any option to disable the sensors in the thermostat itself and only use the remote sensors, which I think would be nice.

    My situation: one of my thermostats sits in a upstairs hallway with little ventilation. Summer nights, this upstairs hallway can be quite warm, but the bedrooms are very comfortable (especially if doors are left shut). I'd like to average the temperature across the bedrooms and ignore the stat's sensors (temp & motion).

    Perhaps this could fit well with Isilva's sensor weights above: a sensor with a weight of 0 would not be used.

    Update: feature already there -- thanks, chrisyng!

  • chrisyngchrisyng calgaryMember

    Karlmayer, You can disable the thermostat and just use the remote sensors. go into the menu on the thermostat and choose the sensor menu, then choose the follow me settings. under that menu setting you should see a list of your remote sensors and main thermostat with checkboxes next to them.. simply uncheck the main thermostat and the ecobee will use just the remote sensor readings..

  • y3kniky3knik Ottawa, Ontario Member

    An android widget would be nice too. It would be amazing if I can look at the temperature of the main sensor (or any sensor of my choosing) along with changing the home/away profile straight from the home screen. What I am envisioning would be similar to the second tile on the online web postal as a android widget.

  • For us smartplug owners, all they need to do is somehow pass along the thermostat settings for the vacation action when using the new portal. This way you have 100% control of the old plugs via the thermostats and we can still be happy with ecobee.

    Essentially, if I call a vacation from the SI, it sends a signal to the smart plug...the old webapp did as well. However, the new app does not pass this signal; the thermostat thinks its a vaction, but not the plug. It should be a simple passthrough and will allow us all to still use our plugs and get all the reports/actions via the thermostat UI

  • chrisyngchrisyng calgaryMember

    The iOS app really requires a refresh button.. When you open the app, most of the time it is not in sync with the thermostat, and so I have to force quit the app and relaunch to get current information.. Would be much friendlier to have the ability to regather the thermostat information within the app

  • y3kniky3knik Ottawa, Ontario Member

    In the Home/Away/Sleep settings, I would like to see explicit fan controls if possible. The Nest does it and calls it their "Advanced Fan Control". I would like to tell the E3 to turn on my fans 30 minutes every hour when I am home but only 5 minutes every hour when I am away and the like.

  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    I think one of the features Ecobee 3 needs to have is a user acknowledgement if they want their Ecobee 3 thermostat to install a software update when it is available instead of having the thermostat install the update automatically.

    One of the biggest downfall of Nest Thermostat is that Nest will push updates to the thermostat users automatically. That being said, sometimes those updates are very buggy and can lead to problems that affect the thermostat's operations.

  • a0128958a0128958 Dallas, TXMember

    "... push updates to the thermostat ... automatically."

    For commercial environments, this is a serious flaw, IMO. I'm very careful not to use Ecobee tstats in hotels and other commercial buildings where many tstats are to be replaced, for this very reason.

    Ecobee has some terrific features for use of their tstats in commercial settings. But for the end using customer not to have a means to avoid unscheduled s/w updates is a serious Ecobee strategy error, IMO.

    Best regards,


    American Energy Efficiencies, Inc.

  • a0128958a0128958 Dallas, TXMember

    Suggested enhancements to make Ecobee3 usable in a commercial environment too. Both are related to improved reliability:

    1. Turn off automatic acceptance of firmware updates. Instead, allow building owner to decide when firmware updates will be received.

    2. Provide a wired Ethernet connection and a switch to select between wired Ethernet versus WiFi.

    Best regards,


    American Energy Efficiencies, Inc

  • Someone who is trying to use my Vera integration reports that the new web portal does not presently support adding third-party apps (a "coming soon" feature). Is this true, and if so, when will third-party app support be added? I was going to get an ecobee3 just to make sure the Vera integration works well, but there would be no point if there is no way to work with third-party apps yet. I also would like to see the wireless sensors exposed in the API (with current ambient temperature and presence sensor data exposed).


  • Here is my long list after using this with groups and SI's

    • Put temperature on the tstat like smart/SI on both idle and up close modes
    • make sensitivity of motion sensor editable
    • allow deletion of alerts
    • make interface more clear as sometimes x boxes delete and other times they are to exit.
    • fix bugs in schedule, especially around Deleting activities, renaming them, adjusting colors, night vs custom issues when adding activities from blank template. Allow clear all
    • see sensor temps on Web app
    • reports to track activity
    • change hold setting to say next transition instead of the activity number which is meaningless
    • back plate is ugly, it should be rectangular and project less from the wall
    • I find it hard to see status of each tstat and what's going on Via Web interface. The app landing page for a group makes more sesnse
    • connect default vacation for us smart plug users
    • don't default the hvac maintenance alert to active, it should ask on startup.
    • instructions for attaching backplate were not easy to understand.
    • push new feature alerts to interface so you know what's changed
    • my TV turns on the up close mode from 10ft away
    • weather lists two numbers but doesnt say which is high vs low.... You can deduce it, but it doesn't draw in the eye
    • allow custom weather
    • distinguish between fuel types to help estimate costs
    • be able to name a vacation instead of just dates. I find that window a little clunky.
    • be able to interface with other tstats in the group
    • somehow stop two seperate weather forecasts for two tstats in the same group with location setting shared
    • allow interface to motion sensor and temps for automation api
    • show weather alerts like tornado, hurricane, flooding from Gov emergency center
    • send alerts to phone if motion detected in away mode
  • Wow, you should join their product development team after that list :)
    Hopefully most of these get implemented over the next year or sooner.

  • bpolandbpoland Kitchener, OntarioMember

    I think it would be great if the ecobee3 could turn on the furnace fan automatically when it detects a big temperature variation between the different remote sensors, to try to even the temperature out. Are there any plans to do that?

    I know that there's a setting to automatically run the fan for a certain amount of time each hour, but this would avoid running the fan more than needed.


  • a few more

    • setup should be a wizard asking questions like "when do you go to sleep", "wake up", what temp do you want to use at night vs at home, do you work from home. This could help create the schedule for those not too computer savy
    • Make the home/away easier to understand. What happens if you don't put home or away in your schedule? What temp does the follow-me, motion setting use?
    • android widgets for each thermostat would be amazin, with little flames, snowflakes to tell you if the ac/heat is running
    • What is pop% on the app? I even googled it and nothing comes up?
    • Fix the little scrollers on the web portion. You should be able to change the HTML based on the browser experience so those without touch devices on PC's can select a number faster than the slot machine style selector
    • make the back key actually work on android
    • need to make ac overcool more pronounced. Its a very cool feature that most people would not understand
    • Put gestures on the home screen to quickly increase the temp/descrease it
    • Night light mode
    • Ability to turn nightlight mode on with motion for those of us with tstats in busy hallways in dark houses!

    Zwave radio!!! to get outside weather, other motion sensors, etc... that would be awesome feature. Like my smartthings proximity sensor sees I am within a mile of my house, it could trigger ecobee to kick on ac or whatever.

  • On the idle screen make the temp red or blue to indicate heating or cooling is running, or add flame and snowflake. Its not obvious if anything is running which we often need to see if the ac is running and it shouldnt be ....eg. windows open

  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    How about an indication on the standby display, home screen, and web portal that average temperature from all sensors (or sensors where motion is detected) were displayed.

  • chrisyngchrisyng calgaryMember

    I belive the large temp number displayed on the screen is the average temp among all sensors, not the temp at the thermostat .. at least that's how my temp is displayed (sensor upstairs reads 26 degrees C, room where my thermostat is located is 23 degrees C, display on the thermostat and app and portal shows 24.5 degrees)

  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    If I am not mistaken, I think the display changes from readout from the thermostat (sensors unoccupied) to average (when 1 or more sensors are occupied). When it is scheduled for sleep, then the average temp from all the sensors and the thermostat are used.

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