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Help! Disappearing Data on Ecobee3!

dbfresedbfrese Scottsdale, AZMember

Help -- All historical data from June 18 up until noon on June 6 has simply disappeared. If it were only the online "system monitor" charts in the Home IQ section, I could handle that, but the same information has been deleted (yes deleted!) from the "download data" as well. I can't download and analyze in Excel.

Ecobee has been unresponsive to my inquiry.

I know the data was there before, because I check in on it just about every two or three days. Then a few days into the new month I download and save the data from the previous month in Excel.

This was the core reason I bought an Ecobee3, because I want to analyze the data for myself and make adjustments based on that analysis. Unfortunately, I think I may have made a huge error by entrusting my data to a company that doesn't even respond to email!

Has anyone else suffered loss of their data? Has Ecobee been able to restore it?



  • pvr4mepvr4me Member

    I, too, have gaps in the available data although not as extensive as you.

    I also notice that June 2015 is not yet available in the Home IQ Insights even though it is now the 7th of July. I wonder if they've had problems with their monthly processing?

    And support sometimes (often?) takes many days to respond...


  • lgordonlgordon United StatesMember

    I have also noticed a large data gap.

  • dbfresedbfrese Scottsdale, AZMember

    lgordon, how long is your gap?

  • JimJim Birmingham, ALMember

    as mentioned in the firmware tracking thread, I have a gap, Jul 1 11:55PM-Jul 6 2:00PM. I had been getting a bunch of small gaps every night.

  • I was told they did a server update yesterday and a backup of all user data would be restored.

  • dbfresedbfrese Scottsdale, AZMember

    Thank you, noyade233! It would be great if upon login to the online interface that Ecobee would give a notification to that effect. Keeping customers informed about the status of unusual events and planned rectification of errors would go a long way toward keeping Ecobee owners happy and anziety free!

  • jmattionijmattioni Philadelphia, PAMember

    I now have a gap of about one week from June 28 through 3pm, July 6. Hopefully that data will come back once they complete the restore.

  • jwarmanjwarman ColoradoMember

    I have a gap of June 19th to July 6th. I just hit up EcoBee on Twitter and will report back what they say.

  • jwarmanjwarman ColoradoMember
    edited July 2015

    So, just heard back from EcoBee and they are aware of the problem. They are working to correct it and stated no data had been lost.

  • OldRitchOldRitch Member
    edited July 2015

    "...stated no data had been lost."

    Perhaps their definition of "lost" is not the same as mine, but I now have no data at all from before July 6. The data was there until last week, but is now gone. No June HomeIQ reports as of July 9, of course.

    I installed the bloody thermostat in mid-May, and have yet to be able to see a HomeIQ report, or even a correct list of sensors on the Follow Me page. I have reported the latter FIVE TIMES by email and telephone, with no result.

    Ecobee is apparently incapable of making their web portal work, and should remove the functions from their advertising.

    Nice thermostat, absolutely horrid web site experience - an embarrassment. I've reported this incident to several Ecobee reviewers around the web.

  • lgordonlgordon United StatesMember
    edited July 2015

    I'm missing June 19th - July 6th. Between the FET heating issues, draft sensitivity, and sketchy web interface the ecobee isn't turning out to be the best product.

  • dbfresedbfrese Scottsdale, AZMember

    I got a survey to ask how satisfied I was with Ecobee customer support. I gave them a big "thumbs down," because I only got a promise on no lost data, not my data back. Here is the sorry state of my data as of this morning:



  • Same story with mine. The data is also missing if I go to the System page and scroll backward.
    Here's their latest response:
    "This is due to the backlog of data migration in the main server. We are aware of this issue and our product development team is working on migrating the data. Once the migration task is completed, the missing data and the reports for June will be available for viewing."
    Does anyone have any idea what "migration" they are talking about, or why it should take weeks? Whatever it is, they've certainly done a miserable job of letting the customers know what to expect.

  • Patrick3302Patrick3302 Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member

    Based on this response from tech support: ''Near the end of June we changed to a different server so the data is still migrating over. Unfortunately it will only be available sometime next week.'', it appears as if they changed server.

  • JimJim Birmingham, ALMember

    I'm convinced there are 10 or less people working at ecobee. That's the only thing that can explain how they are very good at some things and horrendous at others. They need a good customer relations/pr type person.

  • briansusernamebriansusername UtahMember
    edited July 2015

    I know you're probably kidding about the 10 employee number, but I looked it up anyway. According to their LinkedIn page, they have somewhere between 51-200 employees (oh, and 91 currently registered on LinkedIn):


    You're welcome :-P

  • growth is hard.... being their customer is harder.

  • OldRitchOldRitch Member
    edited July 2015

    And one week after the data went away, we still have neither data nor June reports (or June data after the 19th), and all the issues supposed to be fixed by this secret "server migration" are still open.

    It's hard to say anything kind about a group that takes more than a week to fix a database and web site. Perhaps they are understaffed because they are re-entering all the lost data by typing it in on keyboards?

    It's even harder to say anything nice about a company that doesn't even publicly acknowledge that such problems exist, or proactively communicate with those affected.

  • dbfresedbfrese Scottsdale, AZMember

    I inquired again on the status of my data, and was only asked to have "patience" with them, with no stated deadline of when data would be restored.

    The problem with Ecobee being headquartered in "Canadia" is they don't understand what a summer is like in Phoenix. It's fricken' HOT! and it's the time I need my data most to make adjustments to my system! I pay more for a/c every few weeks than I pay for a whole season of heating!

    I paid for two thermostats (with extra sensors) for my upstairs and downstairs units, and the deciding factor for the Ecobee 3 was I could do my own analysis and make adjustments to save money on that basis. That data is worth money to me, and they don't seem to give a flying fig.

  • Perhaps Ecobee should hire an outside development firm to manage their web site, as this continuing debacle suggests that their current people aren't up to the task.

  • ShidoshShidosh AustinMember
    edited July 2015

    Ecobee's communication is horrible:

    • Forced update without notification
    • No patch note
    • They did a transfer of our data without inform us that it could lead to a temporary data lost.

    They really need to improve that....

  • They are still saying that no data was lost, and all will be restored (some day).
    Perhaps I'll check back in a month or two to see if that is true.
    (I'd be really surprised)

  • pvr4mepvr4me Member

    Yesterday, I opened a support case asking about ETA. Tomorrow, I think I'll start hitting them via Twitter...


  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    Most of my data is missing from the past 12 hrs.

  • ShidoshShidosh AustinMember

    Same here and no info from ecobee.....

  • LenCTLenCT Durham, CTMember

    I am also missing data from today. And the analysis of June results is still not available.

  • My data since 8pm MST Saturday night until 11am today (so far) is on and off. Not totally missing, but looks about half there.

  • Guess its not just me then, I'm missing most of the data for the last day as well.

  • a0128958a0128958 Dallas, TXMember

    And it's not just the E3s. My data gaps are becoming more frequent, and longer, using various 'flavors' of the commercial tstats Ecobee still sells.

    Best regards,


  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    Yeah my residential Smart Si is the same way.

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