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Woot! I just got a SmartThings Hub!

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
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I just got a SmartThings hub, and am already in love with it. :)

So far, I've connected three Ecobees, a Multi-sensor on the washing machine to alert when a load is done, and a WeMo switch that is connected to my gas water heater timer.

Future plans involve integration with my alarm system (DSC using an Envisalink) and garage door status and opening.

What kind of things are you doing with your SmartThings hub?


  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member

    On my end, here is the list of things I do with smartthings:

    1. FireCo2Alarm

    In case of a smoke/Co2 alarm, I have a script that does the following:

    a. Turn on a siren
    b. Unlock the main doors
    c. Turn off my alarm system
    d. Turn off the thermostat
    e. Flash the lights
    f. Turn on the lights if nightime (for faster escape)

    It can revert these actions when the alarm is cleared

    In case of a CO2 alarm, it opens the garage door if closed.


    This script wakes up at regular interval (set as a parameter in minutes)
    to monitor the indoor humidity vs. outdoor humidity and temperature.

    This constant monitoring allows me to trigger the humidifier (mostly in the Winter) or my ERV (air exchanger) if my target humidity level is not reached.

    In my case, my humidifier and ERV are connected to ecobee.


    This script allows me to save energy by lowering my heating or cooling requirements and turning off the lights when my family is away. It also double checks that there is no motion at home before doing so.

    It also arms the alarm system if it's not already activated.


    When a family member comes back home, this script resumes the current program
    on my ecobee thermostat.


    I have 2 young sons, and I try to incite them to play outside as much as possible when the weather allows it.

    So, I created a script that constantly monitors the weather conditions outside (snow/rain, humidity level), and turn off the TV switches (and the game console) if the weather is good during a certain period of the day.


    During the day, if the illuminance is high enough (set as a parameter) inside my house and my electricity power consumption is above a certain threshold (in watts), a script would turn off the lights after a given number of minutes.

    7.Keep Cozy with fireplace

    In the Winter, if the outdoor temperature reaches a certain threshold (set as a parameter), a daily script would start my my gaz fireplace in the master bedroom at a given time (just before going to bed), so that it's cozy. It would also turn on the fireplace's fan after a certain number of minutes (when the it's hot enough).

    8.Total Light Control

    This script would turn on lights in my basement & master bedroom when there is motion and illuminance is low (typically at nights) and turn them off when no motion is detected after a given number of minutes (set as a parameter).


    This script would notify me when my power consumption is high (my TED5000 device is hooked up to smartthings). I plan to replace the TED5000 with Neurio as soon as they ship.

    Neurio could help me identify more easily which devices are using electricity at a given time and take actions if needed (ex. for some discretionary usage, I'm planning later to shut down certain devices when my power consumption is really high).


    This script notifies me when there is motion at my front door. It turns on the projector lights (at night only) and take pictures using a foscam. For the moment, this last part of the script is not really useful as there is no way to see these pictures from smartthings. This may change as soon as smarttings officially supports foscam cameras.

    11.Lock Code Change

    This script allows me to change my front and garageside locks' codes remotely and set temporary ones if needed. This was developed by a fellow smartthings developer.

    12.Alerts and Danger

    I configured smartthings to notify me if moisture is detected under the kitchen sink, next to my water tank, and in the laundry room. I also set it up to alert me if excessive temperature (hot, cold) is detected in some rooms of my house.

    13.Smart Security

    I use smartthings as a secondary security system. It can trigger my siren if motion is detected at night in the basement. I'm planning to integrate Korners (a new security
    product) as soon as they ship. I can then reuse these sensors to detect if my windows are open and use the data to better control my HVAC.


    This script allows me to control my ceiling fans on my 2nd floor based on a given temperature/humidity threshold as it's usually hotter in the Summer.

    I'm also planning to use the ceiling fans in reverse in the Winter to bring down the heat and hopefully save energy.

    Theses are the main things I do with smartthings. I'm also planning to hook up an irrigation system later that can be controlled based on humidity sensor in the ground.

  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

    yracine said:
    On my end, here is the list of things I do with smartthings:

    WOW. That's a great list, Yves. I'm going to steal a bunch of these. :)

  • MrGadgetMrGadget Member
    edited August 2014

    I'm an original Kickstarter backer, but finally installed the smartthings hub in my new house last month.

    The capabilities are amazing. Currently I have an electronic lock, app control of MyQ garage remote control. Several motion/temp/humidity detectors and door/window contacts, use my phone as a presence sensor, an alarm, and plugs set up to control a wireless printer and charge my I robot vacuum and scooba cleaners. Next step is integrating my Ecobee thermostats. Thanks Steve for your blog (which led me here), and I'll also steal some of yracines' ideas.

    The smartthings developers forums have great info also, it's why I ended up going with the MyQ garage controller.

  • I've had my ecobee for over a year and have been looking at home automation systems on and off for a while. Today I finally decided to get it going with smartthings. I haven't gotten a hub yet, but I was able to get my MyQ garage door opener set up as well as the ecobee using yracine's device type. Took a lot of fumbling, but got there in the end. I could use some help with actually automating things though.

    Say I wanted to do something simple like set my FanMinTime to 20 minutes at 9:00PM and then set it to 10 minutes at 6:00AM. How would I go about doing that in smartthings with the ecobee device? Of course if ecobee would just allow setting the FanMinTime as part of each program it'd be even easier to take care of...


  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member

    Hi gabe973, you'd need to develop a small smartapp using the IDE at

    You'd need to sign up as a smartthings developer first.

    Provided that your thermostat is of SMART-SI or SMART type, based on my custom ecobee device, you'd need to call the following setHold function:

    ecobee.iterateSetHold('registered',coolTemp, heatTemp, 'on',['fanMinOnTime':"${min_fan_time}"],null)

    As an example, look under https://github.com/yracine/device-type.myecobee/blob/master/MonitorAndSetHumidityLevel.groovy

    This is a bit more complex that what you want to do, but you can use it
    as a foundation for what you want to achieve.


  • bitcurationbitcuration Los AngelesMember
    edited December 2014

    yracine said:
    On my end, here is the list of things I do with smartthings:

    @yracine, now I've loaded your weather station script and it works great. I may not need the netatmo weather station while it requires smartthings lab and for some reason whenever I tried to install the netatmo device it asks me to upgrade ST firmware yet it is up to date as checked. Now while I'm waiting smartthings support team to look at it, it may not be necessary.

    On a side question, what open / close sensor do you have for the windows/doors? I also have this idea to use them for HVAC control as my family likes to open windows during the day for fresh air. Will z-wave open/close sensor work with ST?

  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member
    edited December 2014

    @bitcuration, for the moment, I have hard wired open/close sensors from my DSC alarm system that I hooked up to ST (see https://github.com/yracine/DSC-Integration-with-Arduino-Mega-Shield-RS-232). Based on these open/close sensors, I was able to implement the kind of rules that you're looking for (ex. after a door/window is open for more than 5 or 10 min., turn off the HVAC).

    But, I'm planning to add new zigbee HA Korners sensors as soon as they ship (see https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/korner-home-security-anyone-can-use-and-everyone-can-afford)...

    You can also use z-wave open/close sensors, but they are little bit more expensive.

    Have fun with your new ST hub!

  • mr396mr396 ks, USAMember

    Steve- looking at ST hub. Is it Apple HomeKit compatible?

  • OldRitchOldRitch Member
    edited December 2015

    </RANT ON>
    I bought an ST hub to play with while waiting for the Keen Homes Smart Vents. Aside from this application, I've thoroughly investigated the capabilities of ST and of IFTTT re. the Ecobee, and so far I am completely unimpressed.
    For starters, the ability to use the E3 sensors from SmartThings is entirely useless, as the cloud-to-cloud communication involved and the polling intervals conspire to make the sensor feed to ST take 15 to 30 minutes. That's right, both temperature and occupancy reporting to your ST apps are running on information that's a half-hour out of touch with reality.
    So far, I've found zero uses of ST that make economic sense, or are even desirable. My experience of 95% of home automation (and I've been a professional in the industry) is that these are simply toys looking for a use, and one spends far more time setting the system up and keeping it running than you could ever recoup in a lifetime. And you will never get your money out of the investment when you sell the house, because no-one else will be able to figure out how to operate it, and it will be obsolete by then. So the residual value of this stuff is zero - making it a toy, not an investment.
    Even worse, one spends more time overriding the automated behavior than actually using it, because there is never enough logic available to knit gadgets together to be smart enough to perform a function without needing to override it for the cases where something unexpected or different happens.
    After playing with it for 20 hours or so, my conclusion is that ST is yet another buggy annoying toy whose advertising overreaches its usefulness.
    Sorry about that, guys...
    IFTTT, the other tool that might be useful with an E3, is far too simplistic as far as the Ecobee is concerned (Ecobee only lets the API do simple temporary overrides) and IFTTT does not see the sensors connected to the E3, so you can't really do much with it.
    </RANT OFF>

  • xaxvixaxvi NYMember

    I also have SmartThings and some time ago, I had to decide between Wink and SmartThings and I'm so glad I chose the latter.

    SmartThings made the whole automation process easier and it blends well with all my smart home devices.

    It's fast, convenient, reliable and functional. So huge rep to ST from me!

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