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I have almost 60 devices on WiFi how about you?

GerryGerry Toronto, OntarioMember
edited June 2015 in WiFi

Hard to believe that I have almost 60 wireless devices on five WiFi or my networks using three routers. How is that possible?

Where do I start?
Two TVs,
Four laptops,
Two desktops,
Four phones,
Two iPads,
Three iPods,
Security camera,
Envisalink (wired),
WiFi security hub,
26 wireless sensors,
Blue Ray player,
Weather station with four receivers,
2 Sonos Play 1s,
Wemo Insight,
Wemo light switch,
Playstation 3,
Nintendo Wii,
Two wired NAS servers

I think that's It. They're on a Asus AC68U, D-link DIR-825 and a Bell Connection Hub. How about you?


  • bemyaxbemyax Northeast Iowa, US Member

    I have only 14 devices connected via wifi. But I have 3 routers each connected to a different ISP. Sometimes I move devices between ISPs. Or, a couple of days ago we had a power blink and several things ended up on my WiMax because it's on an uninterruptable power supply.

  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
    edited June 2015

    This is a great subject - no idea why it didn't get more traction! I'll play. :)

    Network devices (routers, APs, client bridges, managed switches, etc): 8

    Servers: 4 (Win2K8-R2, Win NT, two CentOS boxes).

    VMs (used for building software): 2 (one CentOS box, one Fedora)

    Personal systems (desktops and notebooks): 9

    Entertainment devices (AppleTV, game systems, Blu-ray, remote control hubs, smart TVs, etc): 22

    IP Security Cameras: 6

    Mobile devices for two adults + four kids (Kindles, tablets, phones): 16

    IP Printers: 4

    Network-connected UPS devices: 8

    Smart / Home automation devices: 14 (three of which are ecobees)

    Grand total: 93 devices total

    Running them all with a Linksys E4200 v1 router (running DD-WRT) and four access points (routers hacked with DD-WRT in AP mode). All hard-wired connections go through gigabit switches.

    DHCP and address reservations are handled via the Windows 2008 R2 box, but port forwarding and firewall are managed by the router.

    I use a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of them all, and have all their reserved IPs split into blocks (i.e. all printers are -

    All our devices are on the same subnet. Guest WiFi network is on a separate subnet, with isolation.

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