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DSC Alarm system integration using an Arduino Mega/Shield/RS-232

yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member
edited September 2014 in DSC Alarms

Well, I've just finished integrating smartthings with my DSC Alarm system via an Arduino Shield.

That was quite a project, but it's well worth it.

I changed a little bit the code from https://github.com/obycode/DSCAlarmSmartThings
to make it more responsive with regular 'status pinging'. I also increased the baud speed over
the RS-232 serial port (I haven't seen this kind of port since the late '80!).

Also, I have implemented system status checks in my driver to be able to report any
error messages up to the Smartthings UI. For example, if I have a wireless sensor's low
battery error, I will able to see it in Smartthings.

Thnx to all previous developers who made that system integration much easier to bear.

Now, I can use all my wired and wireless sensors for my future home automation projects!

N.B. During the integration process, I encountered some Smartthings UI issues related
to sensors' updates (android 4.4). I submitted the issue to support. Still waiting for an answer.



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