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  • I installed my ecobee3 in May of last year! From reading some reviews, I sealed the wall and placed 2 digital thermometers in close proximity did an IR scan and found the unit to be accurate.... Until a couple of weeks ago, then my other home devices began to differ 3-4 degrees from the ecobee! I contacted support and the first guy was helpful, then the second guy chimed in with BS!

    Now I did adjust the unit to equal the sensor and other devices, and so far it seems OK! Support though instead of listening to me the one guy kept insisting and even wanted a picture of how I "sealed" the hole! Get real!

    I'm going to disable the SENSOR, I tend to think a software error vs component issue. Even with the sensor sitting directly above the ecobee3 it was a couple of degrees off! Since I live above an unheated garage, there can be no heat infiltration and the wall is internal and for 9 months no issues? Why now?

  • jaumsjaums United StatesMember

    Could this be an electrical issue having to do with the power provided to the stat from the HVAC equipment?

    You can buy a meter at Home Depot for $10 . . .

    ecobee told me the e3 should work with voltage between 18 & 32. 24 volts is the 'standard' but being off a bit is considered normal.

    Of course you can't test the wires at the stat while equipment is running since you have to remove the stat to get access to the wires and when you remove the stat there are no circuits in the closed position, which is what the stat does to turn the equipment on.

    But you can get access to the thermostat terminals on the HVAC equipment while it's running. They are labeled the same as on the stat--W, G, C, Y, etc. You may have to remove a cover and put tape on the "safety" switch that turns everything off when you remove the cover.

    I know there are folks present on here who can give specific advice on how to test & what readings could be a problem since I got such assistance here for an issue I had.

  • Has there been any updates on this issue? I finally started using my AC and have this exact problem. Within a minute or two of the system kicking on the temp display goes up one degree and sits there. My temp swings in the home are very noticeable because the AC won't shut down as it should due to the inaccurate sensing. Today I shut down the stat sensor and I'm running off a remote for now.

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