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Ecobee3 Weather lag is too much

ultradianguyultradianguy United StatesMember
edited May 2015 in ecobee

I'm finding that my Ecobee3 report of outside temperature is lagging the real thing way too much or else just getting inaccurate information for the location. Most of this morning, it has been reporting a temperature 10 degrees lower than the real thing. I'm aware it's updated about every 30 min, which is probably too infrequently when the temperature is changing, and perhaps on top of that there's too little resolution in the location. I don't know where the weather feed comes from but Weather Underground gets multiple feeds within a few miles and would be a much better choice.
A difference of 10 degrees (or more) makes it kind of useless in terms of being able to look quickly and decide what to wear. Fortunately I have an outdoor thermometer (and a much more accurate feed on my phone) but it would be nice if this information could be improved. Perhaps it could monitor temperate rate of change and increase the frequency of updates when temps are changing.


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