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Zigbee Vents(KeenHome): order now with $40 savings for multizoned heating/cooling solution

yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member
edited June 2017 in SmartThings


I just want to share an offer I just got from Keen Home

You can get $40 off on the pre-order price (which is supposed to be 25% off from the regular price) by clicking on the link below.


BTW, I've been working on a smartapp that enables multi-zoned heating/cooling settings at thermostats(s) coupled with vents such as Keen Home vents or Ecovents. It was designed for ecobee thermostats originally, but I got it working with any thermostat that is connected to ST (weither z-wave thermostat, Nest, or others).

You could also use the smartapp to create "virtual zones" (without any vents) where you can then adjust the heating/cooling setpoints based on the avg temp calculated from different sensors with the 'occupied' option or not.

The smartapp is also able to control room thermostats if any.


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