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bacekbacek VirginiaMember

5 months ago I purchased ecobee smart thermostat, and today its just a brick on a wall, not a brick but clearly "smart" is no longer applicable its just plain vanila $50 programmable thermostat for which I paid over $300.

Few weeks back I noticed that IQ insights no longer getting updates and after restoring my iphone I was unable to find an ecobee app (only ecobee3 app available), so I sent a message to ecobee support, was politely informed that it is a dead product.

My condolences to ecobee3 owners - as soon as next product released a plug will be pulled on you too :( I never owned a product with such a short shelf life :)

I hate Nest, but to me this is the only offering on a market where manufacturer stands behind its product.

Here is a death notice:

I have an older "Smart Thermostat" by Ecobee. My question - is IQ insights and other reporting is being discontinued? I noticed that we are well into March, but the latest report is for January. Is it safe to assume this thermostat will receive no further support from ecobee?


ecobee Support (ecobee Support)
Mar 11, 4:31 PM

Hello __, Unfortunately we do not not support the smart anymore, so no more updates of any sort. We would be happy to help with whatever issues you might be having which is within our reach if you have any issues.

ecobee Customer Support
477 Richmond Street West, Suite 210
Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M5V 3E7


  • EcocechEcocech MontrealMember

    Considering that the Ecobee Smart originally came out in 2008 and has had two hardware upgrades since (Smart SI and the E3), it's obvious that Ecobee would concentrate on products that are more in line with the competition.

  • GuyManGuyMan U.S.Member

    The E3 was announced in early Sept last year (9/14/2014?) - So I would say your timing was pretty bad.

    That said, I am surprised, if your support quote means that they are dropping all SI support, immediately.. Usually, they stop doing upgrades to add any new functionality, but continue to do big fixes, and keep the status quo going for a few years.

    So given a new model has to come out at some future point (E4 with HomeKit integration MFI authentication chip?), and I will not be heartbroken when that happens, as I know the limitations of the current E3.

    That said, they shouldn't "break" and existing SMART functionality overnight - I was under the assumption that the existing API, and SMARTIQ website were still working for the Si - Is that assumption incorrect? - I'm pretty sure their SMART EMS versions are still active, can be purchased, and the EMS app is still in the Appstore

    As for the older App getting pulled from the Apple AppStore, I'm do fault Ecobee for that, and my 1st approach would be to attempt to restore the App from a iTunes backup (I would think Ecobee support would still allow the release of the older app, at least until the next IOS upgrade breaks something) - If not, that seems worth the effort to complain up the management food chain with Ecobee support - They should be willing to give you the "old bits back" for the older App

    Or are you just concerned, that this older product line, isn't slated for additional upgrades (which seems fair to me, and helps to justify the existence of E-bay), or did they actually disable/break older SMART functionality

    Of course, YMMV, as a SMART owner...

  • bacekbacek VirginiaMember

    I was aware of ecobee3 release at a time I ordered Smart, the multi sensor concept did not appeal to me plus limited availability of ecobee3 at release time pushed me toward Smart.

    Before purchasing Smart I reached out to Ecobee with a question if ecobee3 is replacing Smart and if Smart is being discontinued. Ecobee sent me an e-mail (on 9/24) that Smart is not being discontinued. They made me believe both products will coexist... This is where I see them at fault. Otherwise I would of stayed away from an older model.

    I agree with the concept that older products do get discontinued so that companies can concentrate on a newer models to stay competitive. I understand that, what I do not understand why this needs to be done silently, why I learn about this when I reach out to support seeing that my unit is no longer producing reports as before and in response being told Smart is no longer supported?

    Thank you for your recommendation on trying to pull the old app from a backup, not sure if app will work since ecobee is pulling the plug. If it doesn't work I will disable wifi on a Smart and keep it as a programmable thermostat till next thermostat upgrade.

  • dborndborn Montreal, CanadaMember

    I bought my Smart thermostat on the day that the E3 was announced (in the morning while the E3 was publicly announced a few hours later).

    I find it strange that the Smart is obviously still uploading its data every 15 minutes and it is accessible via the "Download Data" link and the "Reports" page. Just the "HomeIQ" Details and Insights page are not being updated? Why not? What's the big deal?

    Frankly though, unless you have a single heating system (no heatpump), I find the the basic unit of "heating hours per degree-day" so useless and that as long as I can download the raw data, I don't really need the rest anyway.

    That may be the biggest problem with internet connected devices, a company becomes unable to dump a product without dumping its former clients at the same time. Perhaps they should do a last update for all the orphan product clients, give them a way to access these products locally so they can unhook them with a good conscience?

    I can tell you one thing, if they just dump us and leave us stranded with a non-communicating thermostat, my next one will NOT be an ecobee-anything.

  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    Companies dumping support for old products when new products is released is nothing new. It is frustrating, but it is not something worth loosing sleep about. Look at all the major players such as Google, Apple, Microsoft.

  • dborndborn Montreal, CanadaMember

    Up until what point after buying your $400 product would you consider this a big deal to lose support?

    Not offering updates or fixes for the device is one thing, losing the ability to communicate remotely with your connected device is another. Thankfully it isn't the case (yet?). I they decide to cut off all communication channels with the device, I'd be happy with a way to communicate with it locally on my home network. Maybe I ask for too much? I don't think so. :)

  • dborndborn Montreal, CanadaMember

    Ok guys, here is the official answer on the subject: smarthomehub.net/forums/discussion/399/what-is-ecobee-s-official-position-about-older-products-namely-the-eb-stat-02#latest

    I think we can rest assured that ecobee is still committed in supporting all of its customers.

  • SeanFromITSeanFromIT Big Lake, MNMember

    Yea the old ecobee app is still available to Android users, and the new app also works with older models (if you can stand the new look)

  • I switched from Ecobee3 to Ecobee4 due to the Amazon Alexa integration but it doesn't work like it should. I didn't expect it to not have the Echo Spatial Perception.

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