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Second ZigBee switch installed with ecobee Smart at cabin

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
edited February 2015 in ecobee

Just got back from a week at our cabin in Eastern Washington. It's remote, but inside the hydroelectric power company's public utility district, so electricity is cheap (2.5 cents per kilowatt hour vs. almost 10 cents back in Seattle). As a result, it's cheapest just to use electric water heaters, heat, etc.

I wrote last June about controlling our main 119 gallon electric water heater via an ecobee Smart and a ZigBee controller:


Yesterday, I installed a second controller on the other water heater:

I know ecobee is stepping away from being a "hub" device, focusing instead on doing what it does best and allowing itself to be part of an HA ecosystem through API and IFTTT integration... but this was still the cheapest and best way for me to have remote control of my water heaters at my cabin, and one of the reasons that the cabin will probably be the last Smart I upgrade to an e3... or maybe I won't ever.

Still bums me out that I can't control the plugs via smartphone app. Web interface on mobile device is how I do it.

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