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Well pump monitoring

jfrycjfryc United StatesMember

First post here, I used to visit and post on the google ecobee forum in the past.

I have two ecobee EB-STAT-02 that control my two geothermal heat pumps. The data logging and stats are great and I use them to fine tune the the schedules and temperatures. My geo is open loop, using the same well pump as for the rest of the house water, lawn sprinklers, etc. I was hoping to set up some sort of a monitoring device near the pressure switch that would let me know how often the well pump kicks in, how long, amps drawn, etc. I installed a cycle stop valve a few years ago, but without standing near the tank it's hard to say how well it's working. Are there any devices out there that would log the on/off cycles for a 220v pump? It would not need to be connected to ecobee, and wifi would definitely be nice too. I've seen power monitoring devices out there, but most just seem to track total power consumption, not on/off cycles. Thanks.




  • jhagenjhagen MichiganMember

    Using an input on the optional RSM module, configure it as a dry contact. Use an additional 220VAC relay, wire the coil across you well pump connection, this relay will close when the pump is on. Wire the relay contacts to one of the RSM inputs that has been configured as a dry contact.

  • jfrycjfryc United StatesMember

    I thought about using a 220v relay and dry contacts, but I didn't think ecobee was logging that information. I already use these with my smoke alarms, and other than an email alert I only see one message on the web portal when my better half burns the bacon:) So the RSM module provides data logging for the dry contacts? If so, it seems like it would be an easy way to track pump cycling. Has anyone found a way to track the power consumption? I'm pretty sure I read a post on the old forum where someone was tracking the current draw on a heat pump compressor, can't find it now.

  • jhagenjhagen MichiganMember

    I configured one of my RSM inputs as dry contact and it does not do as I thought it would. It does the same as an aux input, show open or close and gives you an alert.

    Only system I know of to record power usage and very configurable is a Web Energy Logger. I thought about getting one for my closed loop geothermal but thought with the RSM board I could monitor most of what I wanted for less money and have the plus of remotely controlling the system. I have only had the EB-STAT-02 installed for 6 weeks and have not hooked up any sensors yet.

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