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RTH9580WF Mobile app letdown

bandwithbandwith Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesMember

With the local Best Buy being out of stock of the ecobee3, I took the Honeywell RTH9580WF for a test drive.

Setup was fairly simple. Connect the wiring, answer a few guided questions, setup your wireless network, and take a picture of some random string of numbers for online account setup.

Mobile application setup was clunky, so I opted to use the computer for initial online account creation. Once there and account established, I added those credentials to the mobile app and could control the active settings on the t-stat.

So, we needed to take an open-ended emergency trip. As we're running out the door, I setup a "worst-case" vacation on the local t-stat and start driving. Several days later we have an date for our return figured out, open up the mobile app and am greeted by an help message stating all modifications [while in vacation mode] must be entered manually at the t-stat.

Needlessly, we return tired and worn-out to a seemingly empty and cold house, leaving the door open after our 10pm arrival (in winter) to help warm up. Two days later, it was off the wall and returned to the store.


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