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Hi guys,
Just learned of a new product called Eero which claims to streamline Wifi with simplified mesh networking. Anyone heard of there product?


  • Here is the link... https://www.eero.com/

    Interested in any opinions on this. Seems a bit pricey compared to something like ubiquiti but I like the simplicity and doesn't require anything but a power outlet. Most of the competition requires a CAT5 or is simply a performance degrading repeater.
    Any wifi tinkerers out there?

  • bandwithbandwith Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesMember
    edited February 2015

    My guess would be that it's using a smart mesh technology and a "seemless" 2.4/5GHz SSID with a single router & dhcp. Having BLE looks neat for initial setup.

    Can't say more until they release the product. Until then, not going to waste money on a pre-order without seeing real world un-biased tests...

  • yup, thats what the website says... :)

  • bandwithbandwith Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesMember

    To be clear, which protocol or mesh technology will have a large impact on how feasible the system is. Does it use B.A.T.M.A.N, ROBIN, OLSR or some yet to be released proprietary implementation?

  • SleepySleepy Member
    edited February 2015

    Well the team has bunch of guys from the Stanford Univ. so who knows what they came up with. Its getting tons of press though.

  • For those prices I think you would be better served with Ubiquiti equipment. It isn't a mesh but you can transition seamlessly between APs without having a dedicated controller. We have nearly a square half mile with excellent coverage.

  • yup but the catch with ubiquitis is you have to run CAT5 to each them. That is my understanding from what I've read but please correct if you factually now otherwise. Thx!
    Eeros just need a power cord.

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