If you're posting a request for installation help, please provide as much info about your system as possible. For example, for help regarding connecting a smart thermostat, please include details about your system including whether you have gas/electric, heat pump, number of heat stages, A/C condenser, etc.

Welcome to Smart Home Hub!

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
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Smart Home Hub is a community dedicated to the discussion, sharing, community-based support, and development of "smart home" and other home automation technology.

Smart Home Hub is an "open" environment, much like many of the smart hub technologies in use today. Just as those hubs can "communicate" with different manufacturers' devices through a number of different protocols, this community allow open discussion of devices, companies, and technologies without being managed or controlled by any individual company.

Be open, be honest, be friendly, be helpful.

And have fun!

Steve Jenkins
Smart Home Hub Founder
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