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Time of Use and t-stat restrictions

bandwithbandwith Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesMember

I'm wanting a "smart" thermostat to temporarily install in the homes that we rent from year-to-year and take the t-stat with any time we move. However, I'm also wanting to return to using an electric rate plan with time of use penalties. The house we're in currently has a Heat Pump - with an common wire - and 10Kw heat strips.

The electric utility rate plan doesn't penalize time of use during the heating season. So, here's the conundrum, does any current generation thermostat or additional programming allow total equipment lockouts - fan and cooling - based on the time of day? Also, when returning from a lockout, will the intelligent recovery methods be used?

-- http://www.georgiapower.com/pricing/files/rates-and-schedules/residential-rates/2.20_TOU-REO-8.pdf


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