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See the NEW interface with an OLD ecobee... temporarily :(

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
edited December 2014 in ecobee

As I explained in another thread, I have two unused Smart thermostats due to upgrading to the ecobee3, and so I gave one to my parents. I installed one with my Dad today. I got plenty of clothing hand-me-downs as a kid. So turnabout is fair play. :)

When Dad signed in to his new ecobee.com account, he got the older web interface. I figured that's fine.

Dad doesn't have a smart phone (don't ask), but he does have an Android tablet, and so we went to download the ecobee mobile app for it. I recommend that he use the older app, since the interface of the old mobile app matches the interface of the old Smart thermostat.

However, ecobee doesn't offer the old app for the Android:


So we installed the newer app, and it works fine. But now he likes that "sleeker" interface and I made the mistake of telling him I was running on my account with two original Smarts alongside two ecobee3 units, so now Dad wants that one on his computer. :)

Fine... I called ecobee support and asked if there was a way to convert over to the "new" web interface. The support rep explained how to do it, and I followed along as he explained it:

  1. Login at ecobee.com. The old interface will be displayed.
  2. In the Comfort tab, select Add Thermostat if it's not already shown.
  3. Select the ecobee3 when asked Choose a thermostat to register
  4. You'll see "Adding an ecobee3 to your account will upgrade it to the new web portal experience" along with two blue buttons: Cancel and Proceed.
  5. Pressing "Proceed" will display the new interface.
  6. The "new" interface appears, but you're in the ADD THERMOSTAT wizard, where it asks for the 4 digit registration code from your ecobee3. However, since you don't have an ecobee3, just hit the X in the top right corner to cancel.
  7. The new interface appears showing all the details for your ecobee Smart in the updated interface!

I asked the tech support rep if the interface would revert back to the old one if my Dad logged out. He assured me in no uncertain terms that the new interface would now display every time.

You're probably wondering why that part is in italics right? :)

I thanked the support rep and hung up the phone... which (I'll admit) was my mistake. I should have kept him on the phone as I logged out of my Dad's account and logged back in... only to see the old interface again.

I repeated the process to get the new interface, logged out again, logged back in, and got the old interface again.

I'm now back at my house, and I've repeated this process (logging in as my Dad) a couple more times. It's just like all my old college girlfriends: I can make them show up... but I can't make them stay. :(

Can anybody else reproduce this? I'm going to flag ecobee on this to see if maybe @msaleem or @nashib can tell if it's an issue with my dad's account, or perhaps a bug they need to fix on the web UI side.

But, if you've got an original Smart and want to at least see the new interface, the above steps will work temporarily.



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