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Announcing the Support Flag Program

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
edited December 2014 in Announcements

SmartHomeHub is pleased to announce the Support Flag program.

Even though this is an independent forum where we can discuss smart home technologies and devices without manufacturer moderation, the participation of manufacturers is of great benefit to the forums, and we're fortunate to have official representatives of companies whose products we discuss participate actively here.

However, it's impossible for those representatives to monitor every single conversation on in the forums to find threads where their involvement would be beneficial. So we created the Support Tag program for manufacturers.

Companies that wish to participate in the Support Flag program will receive a special tag that any forum member can include when starting a new discussion or posting a new question. As with regular tags, Support Flags can only be added to the first post in a new thread, and only by the originator of that thread.

More details on using Support Flags, along with a list of participating companies, can be found in the Using Support Flags post in the Using SmartHomeHub category.

We'd also like to thank @msaleem of ecobee for offering to be the first participant in this program.

Having manufacturers participate in the Support Flags program is a privilege, and not a right. So please do not abuse this privilege, or we'll have no choice but to remove it.

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