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New Forum Feature: Roles Displayed & Custom Colors

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
edited December 2014 in Announcements

We launched two new features on the forums today:

1) User "roles" are now displayed next to your name when you post. The vast majority of people are "Member" (and you'll notice that my role is "Administrator."

I have also started creating custom role. The first is for representatives of home automation companies, so that we're aware of their involvement in a conversation. For example, I've assigned employees of Ecobee the role of "Ecobee Employee." However, they're still just regular old "Members," and don't get special posting or editing privileges on the site (part of this site's value is that no company can control the conversation). You'll just see their employee role next to their name whenever they post.

Any other official representatives of home automation companies that participate in the forums are invited to make me aware of their presence and I will be happy to create custom roles for them, too.

2) I also incorporated custom colors for posts by specific roles. For example, posts made by Ecobee employees will appear in the same green as their "bee" logo. Again this will help identify their involvement in a discussion.

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