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RainMachine Feature Request Thread

SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

This is the "official" feature request thread for the RainMachine smart sprinkler control system.

I've invited the guys at RainMachine to sign up and participate. Hopefully, this can give them some good feedback for features and fixes in future versions of their software.


  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator
    edited August 2014

    One feature I'd like to see is the ability to see historical reports via the web interface of which zones ran for how long. Keeping the reports for a week to a month would be ideal (would be great to be able to download them in CSV, too).

    That way, I could get a better sense of what the weather-adjusted runtimes were for my zones, and tweak the program start times, and just get a better general understanding of what's going on with my system.

  • Patrick3302Patrick3302 Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member

    Hopping that RainMachine will read this, I would like to try this controller but it seems that it's not sold or shipping to Canada. The reason given is that it uses the NOAA weather data available in US only. According to the NOAA website I found the following:

    Traveling to Canada?
    Your Weather Radio receiver also will work in Canada. Environment Canada, which includes the Canadian weather agency, operates weather radio transmitters that generally operate on the same frequencies as the U.S. NOAA Weather Radio network.

    Based on this, I asked the question back in June and still haven't had no promising response. Too bad.

  • Developing a weather aware product is not only about "weather data exists in Canada, too". We need a specific set of data, in a machine readable format, with redundancy and high availability. Even more, we need a network of weather stations for historical averages. It is not only listening to Weather Radio Network.

    The good news is that we can actually get the data for Canada and we are working on that, but then requires extra resources in coding, implementing and testing. Sorry, no ETA yet for Canada.


  • Patrick3302Patrick3302 Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member

    Understood, thanks for the update. I'll wait for it, summer will be drawing to an end soon. Hope it's ready for next year.


  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member


    How do you like RainMachine overall? My father-in-law is looking for a smart irrigation system for his property (more than 20 zones) in Saratoga, CA.

    Let me know.

  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

    I've been really happy with mine. The only drawback is that because I'm running three of them, and my water source is a well, I had to disable the "overwatering" feature. I can't afford to have RainMachine #2 start a zone while RainMachine #1 is still running a zone (beacuse it might drain my well tank completely), and the units don't intercommunicate (yet?). I do have the "underwater" feature enabled, which uses less water when it's colder, or likely to rain.

    There was a firmware update recently, but not sure what it fixed.

  • I understand it won't work with SmartThings though?

  • SteveSteve Seattle, WAAdministrator

    I haven't even tried interfacing mine to SmartThings yet. I've been really happy with my three units (they are "sleeping" now that winter is here), but I'm hoping that the company will allow them to communicate better with each other moving forward, so I can adjust watering times UP, as well as down.

  • mr396mr396 ks, USAMember

    Steve- have you checked into skydrop? (www.skydrop.com). I bought one yesterday. Easy to hook up and configure. Works over cell or wifi

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