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Ecobee3 heat temp up and down

jackalbrightjackalbright PennsylvaniaMember

I have a two stage geothermal system with electric aux.

Aux heat simultaneous is on

Compressor stage 2 delta is 2

Compressor to aux delta is 3

Heat differential is 1

Aux reverse staging is off

The problem:
My set point is 66
The outside temp this afternoon is 20.

The thermostat seems to yo-yo between 63 and 66.

When it hits the set point, the aux and compressor turn off and only the fan remains on.

After it drops to 1 degree under set point, Stage 1 kicks in, but stage 1 isn’t warm enough to prevent the temperature from dropping an additional degree, at which time Stage 2 is enabled.

Stage 2 is usually able to slow the temperature degradation but eventually the temp drops another degree and on comes the Aux, which brings the temp back up to the set point and the process starts all over again.

Is this normal? Are there settings I should change?



  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    That is normal, but i'd think your geothermal system should be doing much better at 20 F degrees. My air source heat pump runs only stage 1 down until about 0 F and stage 2 until about -5 F. I have to be below zero before I need AUX. My house was build in 1975 and is not that tight either, still has original single pane windows.

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