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Ecobee 3 with heat pump, huge temperature fluctuations between first and second floor

mwittkopp89mwittkopp89 Norfolk, VAMember


A little bit on my house, we rented a 4 bedroom 1800 sqft house in Norfolk, VA. The house was built in 2012. The house has a heat pump and aux heat. The blower and aux heat are located in the Attic as we live in a flood zone and do not have a basement. There is one central return located in the upstairs hallway. The first floor is elevated off the ground about 5 feet. We have 3 remote sensor, 2 located upstairs (nursery and master bedroom) and 1 located in the Kitchen and the Thermostat is located in the living room. The kitchen and living room are part of one big room on the first floor.

We did not notice this issue last year but right now it is 71 in master bedroom, 69 in the nursery, 58 in the kitchen and 61 in the living room. This seems to be the normal delta between upstairs and downstairs but it has been greater. Our thermostat is set at 64 and never any higher. When we are away it is set at 56 and at night it is set at 58. With the four sensors and averaging of temperatures you get about 64, however it is very cold in the downstairs and I am wondering if there is anything we can do.

I recently adjusted the thermostat so that the heat pump works down to 20 degrees F instead of the 30 that i had it set at. I also set the system to use the heat pump for 120 minutes before using the aux. I am trying my best to minimize use of the Aux.

I am not sure if my settings have any impact on the temperature delta between upstairs and downstairs but I am curious if there is anything we can do. It seems that if we want the downstairs to be warmer we have to do it at the expense of the upstairs turning into a sauna. Any help would me much appreciated.





  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Best thing to do with heat pump is no timeout, as long as heat pump is keeping up, let that thing run. Lower the lockout temp if your heat pump allows, my Amana from 2007 goes down to -10 F so lockout at 0 F should be fine. If you can use simultaneous AUX, do. The coil must be upstream from the AUX meaning the return air hits the coil first, then AUX finishes, and the air then exits to your supply vents.

    As for the temp delta, check your ducts. Make sure one did not come off or collapse. Circulating the fan can help, but with a heat pump the heat should be running often balancing the temp through the house.

  • SneakXSneakX MontrealMember

    One other thing to look at, do your registers have adjustable grille opening ? You could try to close the upstair ones and force airflow downstair that way.

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