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Ecobee 4 install settings

I live in central MO and I recently bought 2 ecobee 4's to replace older thermostats in my house. Our local power provider had a rebate program basically making them $99 ea. I have a 4500+ sq ft house with 2 heat pumps. A 5 ton and a 3 ton. 5 ton handles main level and basement while 3 ton handles upstairs bedroom as well as a few vents into the vaulted livingroom of main level.

I get a weekly text from my energy company what my energy use for the week is and potential end of month bill if this use continues. Ive lived in the house for 2 years and yesterday I get notice that Ive used $198 in 1 week and if this continues my bill will be over $600!! Ive never had a bill over $350 in the extreme winter. I checked my energy use on the ecobee site and my heat pump has been operating without the heat pump and just using AUX heat strips for heat.

So I do some research and find this site (thank you by the way) as well as a call to Ecobee support. They have the min outdoor air temp to cut off the compressor set to 35 degrees!! I argue with technical support that that setting is ridiculous! My old thermostats did not know what the outdoor temp was. The system ran and if it couldn't keep up it kicked on the aux heat strips. Why would you limit a heat pump to help with any bit of heat it can provide?

I found numerous threads here about this exact issue. Here is one.

I called and talked to the installer who is also a friend and asked him the same question. He recommended to set it to 0 as we rarely get temps below 0. I still think it should be disabled since again, my old thermostats didnt know the outdoor air temp. Ive looked through the install manual and find no mention of outdoor temp restrictions.

Sorry for the rant, I just wanted someone else's opinion on this as well.

I changed some settings and decided I will give these smart thermostats another month to see if things settle down. If not they are being returned!


  • SneakXSneakX MontrealMember


    You definitely should lower down that setting, I don’t know for you but my heat pump has a hard wired low outside temperature lockout directly on the unit that overrides the t-stat, acting as a safety in case the t-stat goes nut.

    I personally did set it at 10 deg because the compressor is having a hard time working at lower temps. Each unit is different but maybe your installer is right, you should try 0 and see how it handles it.

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember
    edited January 5

    Yep, I have my Ecobee 3 set with the lockout disabled. I run my heat pump at -15 F, only a 6 to 8 degree rise at that level, but still cheaper than AUX. Ecobee need to lower the minimum lockout to -15 F too, 0 is too high.

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