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Ecobee 4 Aux Heat Not Working

slnelly452slnelly452 Member
edited January 2 in ecobee

I have a one stage air-to-air heat pump. There were no problems in the summer with the AC. Now when the heat runs, when it kicks into Aux Heat, the air comes out cold. The system monitor shows that Aux Heat is on, but the heat strips are apparently not coming on. When in regular heat mode, the heat pump works fine and we have heat. Just not on Aux. It is set to Energize on Cool. There is a second thermostat upstairs to control airflow (zoned?) but we keep it off because we don't go up there much. Could this be bad wiring in the air handler? I think I have the settings correct and the wiring correct. Wiring image link--> https://imgur.com/KFb16KV


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Make and model of air handler would be helpful. Pictures of wiring at air handler would be helpful too. Wiring looks correct, but looks can be deceiving. Need to verify wiring on the other end.

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