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ecobee3 Firmware Tracking Thread



  • liqianghualiqianghua Murray, UTMember

    I requested my firmware on both my devices to be upgraded weeks ago. Does anyone know when Ecobee support goes back to work?

  • Raggedrebel92Raggedrebel92 VirginiaMember

    PM nashib with your Serial Number, Current Version, and E-Mail. Be curious and maybe you will get you update. Worked for me. Seems this site becomes a bit of a "skip the que" system.

  • liqianghualiqianghua Murray, UTMember

    Raggedrebel92, that worked great. PM'd nashib and both my devices now have the latest firmware. Can't wait to see if my senors are behaving better now when I return home.

  • GuyManGuyMan U.S.Member

    Nashib - Just sent you a PM, optimistic for new FW on Monday.... & better followme behavior..

    Thanks - GuyMan.

  • I called ecobee and they update my ecobee while I was on the phone with them but they only updated me to and not

    The reason I updated was because I wanted to add my humidifier but I was having issues with my EB3 with the FW and had them update it will the FW fix the ACC problems?

  • masterpilotguymasterpilotguy Kansas CityMember

    I had to specifically ask for the 3957 update on the phone and they told me I would have to recheck my equipment setup and re-pair my sensors after that update. I also questioned them about their update schedule (I came from using a nest and it updated when I first installed it, so I was surprised that my Ecobee was so far behind after being installed for several days). I was told that they push updates on a quarterly basis, so they take some time to develop and test before doing a push to everyone. I think it could be good for them to have it check and request the latest firmware on initial install though so that you aren't running possibly buggy software for up to 3 months before new software is pushed to you.

  • when I talked to EB today they told be that there were some major bugs in and people that have updated to it had to be down graded to

  • liqianghualiqianghua Murray, UTMember

    I wonder what the bugs were. I have two devices with 3957 on them.

  • Raggedrebel92Raggedrebel92 VirginiaMember

    Im curious too. I have one device still running 3957.

  • masterpilotguymasterpilotguy Kansas CityMember

    Well, after one night with 3957 I may be seeing one problem. My remote sensor was sensing a lot of motion all night long and I know there was no one in the room that it is placed. Looks like my house is currently in Smart Home and as far as I know there is no one at the house right now.

  • not sure where to post this so cross-posting from the " Goodbye Lyric" thread...

    New to this forum but so glad to have found it as I contemplate the purchase of a few Ecobee3. You guys are a wealth of info. so thank you first, and hopefully I can contribute eventually. However... Can you please confirm, there is no way to prevent an automatic firmware update? I see this likely as a dealbreaker which really stinks since finally just worked through presales questions and ready jump in. Like a few others have mentioned, staying a firmware version or 2 behind is usually a good thing while the bugs are worked out. Regardless, I'd like to have some human control over that(at least within a version or 2 which Ecobee could override for safety issues or the like). Can someone please confirm? @nashib Thx!
    (just something to consider ... http://tinyurl.com/llb96q8 )

  • I was talking to support today and they wanted to push to my tstat. I mentioned potential bugs and he went to talk to someone and didn't say anything else.

    I looked now an I have on my tstat.

    I had been running since it was pushed 1/14/15 for a remote sensor issue. I hope this 3957 is not too buggy. I wish he would have have confirmed with me about changing FW.

  • Interesting, I had support push the latest firmware 2 days ago, and they gave me I wonder what is fixed in 3957.

  • gee_santosogee_santoso CaliforniaMember

    is there a check firmware button anywhere on the tstat/web portal ?
    lazy to have to make a :)]. I try email route but no respond for more than 2 weeks.

  • I would rather run old stable fw then new buggy fw but for whatever reason I'm on 3957 last I checked it was 3949. Never called them so not sure why.

    I wish they add prompt if you want to install, coz I have no idea when it was installed and family is saying the house is cold, so I'm unsure if this is new or caused by fw

  • When new FW is installed, I can see a missing data interval on the HOMEIQ graphs. FW is not the only reason for missing data (internet connection outage, power outage, etc). You can use that to get an idea when it was installed.

  • gee_santosogee_santoso CaliforniaMember

    i just get 3957 couple of hours ago, so far all my follow me DATA still have the 4 sensor (3 remote) including the motion detection. As checking from the office, i don't see any changes even the temp holding that we set still intact after upgrade. will see if those issue mentioned above encountered on my unit.

  • GuyManGuyMan U.S.Member

    I also got 3957 installed automagically last night, around 3:30AM - EST - I was previously at V3949 as well (by request) - So given the past few posts (since Jan 27th or so), they seem to be sweeping thru and pushing 3957 out to the masses. I'm assuming they have decided it's stable (enough?).. No issues or changes to report, but they definitely did a push last night, as I can see the "reboot" in the HomeIQ graphs - Mildly interesting that the reboot/flash occurred while the furnace was running, again, no issues, but it clearly "doesn't wait" for some idle time to do the reboot.

  • mrafalmrafal ViennaMember

    Got 3957 yesterday as well. Seems to be working so far. Remotes reporting occupancy correctly now.

  • bandwithbandwith Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesMember

    Brand new out of the box at It's been online and operational for more than 24 hours. Would have like to have seen an automatic update (or download available notice) to the latest stable release by now...

    Time to ask @nashib to push a new version manually for me.

  • landlord11landlord11 Pelham, NYMember

    I have success calling tech support and requesting the latest firmware to be pushed, and it showed up within 30 minutes. If you really want it right away that may be the fastest approach.

  • I Pm'd @nashib a few days ago...still patiently waiting

  • I emailed support earlier today and my newly installed ecobee3 was just updated to 3957.

  • ellisd62ellisd62 Lansdale,PAMember

    I just got 4089 downloaded today, anyone else? Details of changes available would be nice

  • dx9dx9 CanadaMember

    Doesn't make sense why we have to call in or PM someone to get latest firmware. Everyone should be in the latest. When firmware is released it should be pushed to all devices automatically. Kinda weird

  • ellisd62ellisd62 Lansdale,PAMember

    They have just as many people asking not to automatically update their thermostats so I guess they had to choose.

  • bigdog9586bigdog9586 MichiganMember

    There should be a box to check on software to auto update just like on computers.

  • a0128958a0128958 Dallas, TXMember

    dx9 said:
    Doesn't make sense why we have to call in or PM someone to get latest firmware. Everyone should be in the latest. When firmware is released it should be pushed to all devices automatically. Kinda weird

    I don't disagree when it's a residential product, it's got all these bells and whistles that small portions of the population want, and it's a residential structure.

    But if you extend out to a 120 room hotel, or a big church that congregates are expecting to be warm when they arrive, or a restaurant that doesn't have any cooling, then a firmware update that goes bad, that goes to all of the tstats, is a disaster. Possibly even a lawsuit.

    Best regards,


  • I'm assuming it's not 100% ready to go out to the masses. So they will push it to people if they want it...assuming feedback will be given

  • GoPackGoGoPackGo MidwestMember

    I assume that you need to ask for an update. I'm still on!

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