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Large Temperature Spikes Overnight

ChristopherRTOChristopherRTO Alberta, CanadaMember

I have an ecobee3 thermostat I recently installed as part of my home renovations. My home is a 40 year old duplex, bi-level with about 800 sq ft up. It has a new high-efficiency furnace, no AC, exchanger, or humidifier. I installed the ecobee in the landing, and have 3 sensors, one in each of the upstairs rooms. I currently have my ecobee set to heat to 22C during the day, and from 7:30pm to about 7am drop the temperature to 15C. What you would expect to see is for the temperature to slowly drop to 15C (assuming it's cold enough to lose that much heat) and warm up about 7am. However, most nights there is a huge temperature spike about 3-4am. It'll jump up to 19-22C and drop down to 15C in 20-60 mins. One night the temperature wavered between 20 and 25 degrees all night long (which ecobee reports as an exceptionally warm night, 10 degrees warmer than the daytime before and after, but still only 5-10C outside). Theres no furnace activity in the log during this time. It's night, so it cannot be blamed on the sun coming through, and no one is up and about. The only heat source we have other than the furnace is an electric fireplace, but I don't believe it's been turned on in over a year. Any ideas what could cause this?


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