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Not getting Monthly Run time Report? Ecobee support states I wont

steeve725steeve725 Northern ColoradoMember

I had an ecobee3 for over a year and it always gave me monthly reports. It acted up so ecobee support sent me a new one under warranty.

This new one has been hooked up since September 2017, and I didn't get any October run-time reports.

I contacted support on 11/24/17 inquiring about why my reports haven't shown up as home IQ shows "October's runtime reports are underway. We are still processing your runtime data for October, check back soon.

Here was there answer.

"Home IQ reports have certain requirements that the equipment runtime data needs to meet for the system to use the data to generate the reports. One of the main requirements is that the equipment runtime should follow the outdoor weather trend, meaning, if the outdoor condition is similar, those days should have similar equipment runtime. If the outdoor temperature for 1 day is say for example 80F and the run time was 2 hours, and another day the outside temperature is 85 and the run-time is only 30 minutes, and another day the outside temperature is 76 and the run-time is 3 hours, it would result in the system to disregard the data for that month as it believes the data is not accurate or faulty and may lead towards false information. Which is a possibility that there were no reports that were generated for those months as we do not wish to provide any false information. For the month of October for your system, there are some periods (Nov 4 - 8, and Nov 17 - 21) that violates this requirement, the system ultimately is not able to resolve these conflicting data and generate the reports. You can view the daily data summary in Home IQ -> System Monitor -> Weather Impact.

So it looks as though I will not get any reports due to my weather?

I replied to support and explained I didn't understand there answer and ecobee support replied and stated "the runtime has to be in line with the outdoor temperature. If there are inconsistencies where the outdoor temperature is 80 degrees for example and the heat is on whereas another time during the month it was 80 degrees and the A/C was on, that can disrupt the algorithm and the efficiency reports would fail to populate."

I have the same exact setup on this new replacement ecobee3 as my old one and have never had this issue or heard of this issue.


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