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New menu in Smart?

towprotowpro Member
edited November 27 in ecobee

I walked up to my smart yesterday and a new menu appeared. I think it said electrical.
going in this menu it showed me how many watts hour/day/week my system has used. The cost field was empty because there is no cost set. Pretty cool stuff.
But I was thinking "how do they know how many watts I used?" They have no idea what my system is accept 2 stage heatpump, 2 stage cool and 2 stage AUX. they have no idea what the size of unit is, or compressor and fan consumption figures.

A couple minutes later I went back to thermostat and menu is gone. I did notice this is the same old version code that has been on here for almost 2 years.

I recall seeing something like this in past, but never got to investigate it like I did yesterday.

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