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Aux Stage 1 Heat vs Heat/Cool being triggered. Heat only sometimes.

Bravo466Bravo466 NYCMember
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I have an Ecobee 3 lite and PTAC heating/cooling unit. Heat is supplied from building hot water pipe. There is valve on the hot water supply that is connected via wires to the PTAC unit. AC controls worked fine all summer. Come winter heat is only working sometimes. When the Ecobee triggers the "Aux Stage 1 Heat" heat comes out. When it triggers "Heat/Cool" the compressor i believe comes on and cold air blows out. I've tried just leaving it in "heat mode" and this still happens. I can't figure out why sometimes "Heat/Cool" vs. ""Aux Stage 1 Heat" is triggered. Any ideas?
See https://ibb.co/imz6vw for screen shot of image of graph.


  • See https://ibb.co/imz6vw for image of what the Ecobee system monitor graph looks like with each trigger in timeline. (Sorry don't know how to post an image)

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    Need more information. Make and model of heating/cooling unit. How do you have everything wired? Pictures are great. Also how do you have the Ecobee configured for heating and cooling types?

  • PTAC as in Packaged Terminal AC? Does this have heat pump mode or is your hot water pipe the only source of heat? your graph shows me a 2 stage system, with stage 1 is heat pump and stage 2 is Aux. It also looks like you have heat pump set to shut off below something below 40 deg outside temp (it appears it started working again as outside temp came up to 40 deg)

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Heat/Cool is heat pump running, AUX is usually electric strips that heat when heat pump needs to defrost or can't keep up. Also looks like your heat pump maybe set wrong. Looks to be cooling and not heating.

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