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Dry Air in Winter, but Condensation in One Room

Hey all, wounding if anyone has any ideas that can help me. Our house is horribly dry in the winter. We have dry skin, nasal problems, static electricity, etc. Our Ecobee can read under 20% in the living room all winter. Everyone can agree that it is dry and we felt much better when I was running a small room humidifier. Therefore, I feel the need for a whole home humidifier. Makes sense to us.

However, one room in my house, the north facing upstairs will get condensation on the windows all winter. I've already noticed it in the morning this fall. I've had to put towels down before to keep from further ruining the window sills. Based on my research, this is due to excessive humidity. All that said, what can I do to add more humidity to my (seemingly) whole house, yet not damage this room with too much?

The last few winters I've put plastic over these windows simply to keep the draft out of the room (young child's bedroom) and I think that takes care of the condensation, but I can't recall for sure off the top of my head. It's just that as I'm finally pulling the trigger on the humidifier, I thought of this and am wondering if I'm going to be causing a larger problem in this single room of my house.



  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    Check and see if the windows are leaking air at the gaps or the cranks. I took the crank apart in my casement window located in the master bedroom and resealed it with caulking. Based on initial thoughts, there appears to be less condensation on the windows than last year.

    Furthermore, make sure you leave the blinds open by 1 inch or so. By doing that it can help minimize condensation.

    You should also get a few humidity monitors and place them around the house to get a good idea the humidity in multiple places around your home. The thermostat is not always 100% accurate and it is not representative of the whole house.

    Hope this helps.

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