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Can I create a vacation once and apply it across all thermostats?

gfunkdavegfunkdave Portland, MEMember

I have an Ecobee3 and Ecobee3 Lite. If I create a vacation on one of them, it doesn't appear in the other one. They are both registered to the same user account. Is there a way to create a vacation once and have it apply across all thermostats?


  • That's how it works for my house (5 ecobees). When you setup your thermostats, you get to choose which settings are common (shared across all thermostats), I don't recall if I had to change that. Works great for me, just set a vacation on 1 thermostat and it pushes to all of them.

  • gfunkdavegfunkdave Portland, MEMember

    I figured out that I can do it by signing into the website and creating a thermostat group that includes both thermostats.

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