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No heat Ecobee keeps re-calibrating

topaztopaz SarasotaMember
edited October 2017 in ecobee


)With the help of Ecobee support I finally identified and hooked up a control wire to my new Ecobee3lite.
I ran the AC with no problems for 3 days under normal conditions.
Support Tech wanted me to report back with my test results.
Next step was to test the heat cycle. Attempted to switch to heat and the Ecobee justs keeps recalibrating. Let it do this for an hour and finally gave up and switched back to AC.
Tech requested more pics and have not heard back from them.
My wiring is the standard configuration as shown in the manual.
I do have a C wire which support identified running to the thermo. I needed to do this because my Amana AWUF240816BA air handler with electric heat has no control board just wires with wire nuts inside the panel. Should I reconfigure the thermostat or is there another reason the heat side is not getting power?



  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    How is your AC wired to the furnace? Should all be using the same transformer for power.

  • topaztopaz SarasotaMember

    I have figured out which wire is my control wire and this has solved the problem. I did need to run a new wire from the thermostat to the control.
    I think the "Techs" at Ecobee must read off a sheet. I don't think they have a clue what is going on. I wasted three days working with them.
    I traced down the control wire from a generic wiring diagram on the internet.

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