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Ecobee 3 upgrades while retaining historic data

sausau CalgaryMember


Have any of you out there upgraded your Ecobee from EC3 to EC3 w/ Homekit or EC4? I am trying to upgrade my EC3 to an EC3 w/ Homekit but I seem to start fresh in the portal and I don't want to lose the data that has been accumulated over the last couple years. I created a thermostat group with the old thermostat, then added the new to it to retain settings but the data seemed specific to the thermostat, and not accessible if the thermostat was offline. I opened a ticket with support and they basically told me I had to keep the old one online to access the old data.

I would imagine they could just swap serial numbers associated with the data or something? Personally, I wouldn't be all that encouraged to upgrade if it meant losing it all. Yes, I could export the data...


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