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Hydro Quebec Smart Meter hookup with Ecobee 1

djbonodjbono MontrealMember

been using/loving my Ecobee for over 4 years now (I.ve got the original one, that looks like the EMS)
I also have the zigbee board

I've recently renovated (alot) and I reset it completely- while re-doing the registration, it first ask me to provide an install code & MAC addy to Hydro Québec. (It really did specify Hydro Quebec, so I thought it must mean its supported.)

Well obviously, I called up Hydro Québec, and I could hear the tumbleweeds rolling in the head of the folks I got to talk to. In the end, after a few escalations, I got told to hire an electrician to wire any in-house equipement, which is out of the utlility company's jurisdiction... well... quite far from the topic here.)

Anyways, was just curious if any had attempted the same (and hopefully succeeded) - all the Electricity menus look fancy and cool to keep track of consumption,etc.



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