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Connecting an ecobee3 to my humidifier

ktremktrem 55446Member
edited October 2017 in General Discussion

I've read too many sites/threads to count on this and can't figure out if I can wire my humidifier up to my ecobee3. I tried ecobee support and they told me my system is automatic and uses outdoor sensors (it does not), so they weren't much help. I would like to do this mainly for window frost protection in the winter, as currently I have to constantly adjust the humidistat all the time retroactively. I have an April Air 60 humidistat, located directly on the furnace itself. I have an April Air 6 Humidifier. I have a 5 wire bundle up at the thermostat with no ACC wires. I don't think I could run new wires as the basement is finished. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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