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Ecobee4 won't connect to ecobee.com, but Ecobee 3 will - solutions? With Arris modem

dvanryzindvanryzin OregonMember

Hello -

Brand new boiler with 3 radiant heat zones. Installed Ecobee 3, took 3 tries to connect to ecobee.com servers.

Next, installed ecobee4 - refused to connect to ecobee.com servers. I wasn't even able to ping Google. But was connected to network. Reset, restart, etc, no luck. Chatted with support. He said the Arris modem is the problem. Basically Too bad, So sad. Said I should return it. (Arris TG1682G)

I went and installed the 3rd ecobee - this time it was an Ecobee3 on the 2nd floor. Connected to ecobee.com instantly. No problems.

Took Ecobee 4 back, swapped for another ecobee 4, got home, stuck on the wall and same issue. Won't connect to ecobee.com.

Called support - on phone for an hour and 15 minutes - tried manually connecting, restarting, resetting, checked firewall, Mac Filtering, etc - no joy. Then he put me on hold, came back and said "Oh, it's the modem." Said that not all modems are compatible with ecobee 4 yet, and this is something they are working on.

So - I can't be the only one out there with this issue, but when I search for Arris I don't see any hits that show Ecobee4 is not compatible. Is there a solution? Should I just take the thing back and get another Ecobee3? As far as I can tell the only REAL difference is Alexa, right? I would like to just use 1 room sensor with it and that's all.

Thanks in advance...frustrating day.




  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Not sure how your modem is the problem. That does not make any sense to me. They must be doing something weird with networking on the Ecobee4. I'd email support and see if you can work out the issue. If not return for Ecobee3, they are good thermostats.

  • EFTCEFTC CanadaMember

    Double check and make sure access control on your Arris modem is not enabled by accident. Sometimes that happens and it can cause havoc.

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