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Programmable thermostat for 3 heat sources.

We are building a house next year and the location does not have gas available. We want to avoid LP or oil heating. So we are installing A pellet boiler, electric heat pump and electric heating elements as a back up.
Stage 1 Heat pump
Stage 2 Hydronic/Pellet boiler
Stage 3 Electric heat - Emergency heat

What I am looking for is a thermostat that will allow me to program each Heat stage individually or to program the delay between each stage. The main reason for this is to avoid using stage 3 as much as possible because electric is expensive.

If I cannot find thermostats that allow this to be programmed I will probable resort to using delay on make relays. Would just be easier to have thermostat that is very friendly to programming options.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Ecobee allows you to configure temperature set points for each stage. I think you would have to configure as 2 stage heat pump with electric backup. Not sure how that would affect operation.

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