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Sensor reads false occupancy

I've had my ecobee3 for 18 months or so and it's worked fine up until about 6 weeks ago when the remote sensor started reading occupancy in a room when nobody was home. It would then engage smart home and run the AC during the hottest part of the day when the house was empty. It would happen at about the same time during the day so I thought maybe the sun was reflecting on something outside and triggering it so I moved it to the other side of the room and faced it in the opposite direction but nothing happened. I contacted ecobee support and they said they'd look at my data but nothing ever came of it. So last night I placed the remote sensor next to the thermostat to see how it compared and the sensor would read occupancy all day off and one while the thermostat read unoccupied.

The second support staff member I contacted basically said if it wasn't on all day or off all day there wasn't a problem and to disable it or move it to another room, which seems like a cop out.

I'm wondering, has anybody else seen a problem like this? And if you have how did you solve it? I think it's defective but I don't want to buy another one until I know what the problem is. Some info would be appreciated.



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