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Ecobee 4 install

krd31907krd31907 Columbus gaMember

I recently purchased a ecobee 4, my current thermostat is a carrier, with 8 wire set up. I was wondering what SRTN/OAT were used for ?
SRTN is connected with a brown wire an OAT is connected with black wire. Ecobee customer support said could connect with out using those wire's. My concern is do I need them or not ?


  • krd31907krd31907 Columbus gaMember

    Ecobee 4 wiring questions

  • krd31907krd31907 Columbus gaMember

    Question about installing ecobee 4

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    I believe the OAT is for the outdoor ambient temp sensor and SRTN is the sensor return for the OAT. You will not need them with the Ecobee.

  • deviladvdeviladv PAMember

    I've recently purchased an Ecobee 4 and am attempting to install it.

    At my thermostat there are five wires, but one does not appear to be a C wire. I have G, Y, W, and Rh and Rc.

    So I go down to my heater and see a curious setup. On the control panel Rc is going into the R, and G and Y are plugged in. However, the Rh and W are not as expected. On the control panel there is a white wire to the C terminal, and the Rh is on the Y terminal. However following those wires from the terminal those wires don't appear to come from the thermostat. I have an internal heating system and my AC is external, so I'm thinking those go to my AC.

    , there is also an Rh and W wire coming from where the G,Y, and W wires are coming from and they lead to another panel with simply the letters "t" at both terminals.

    My thermostat does not appear to have a C wire, so I'm thinking I have to plug in the PEK, but I'm concerned with how to do it.![imgur.com/a/NEvmr](Here are some pictures to illustrate what I am seeing)

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Sounds like you have boiler heat. The T T terminals are red Rh and white W are used to activate the boiler. The red Y and white C wires are to activate the outdoor AC unit, so make sure they stay connected as they are. You can not use the PEK for this setup. You'll need a C wire or a Common Maker. You can use the Common Maker to extend Rc and C though the blue Rc wire and another wire, such as green G wire, to the thermostat.

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