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Ecobee Group Question

ssilencessilence Member

So, I have recently moved to a new home that has two A/C Units, so I bought another Ecobee. I have an original Ecobee3 downstairs and an Ecobee3 lite upstairs. I have them grouped together so they share similiar things (schedule, vacation, etc..). Does anyone know if when the are grouped together and I am utilizing Smart Home/Away, that they will share the information. What I mean by that is let's say we are home all day but don't go upstairs until the evening. The lower level sensors detect movements throughout the day, so never goes to Smart Away. But, we don't go upstairs until evening, will the upstairs go to Smart Away since there was no movement detected up there? Or will it act intelligently as part of the group and detect there was movement on the lower level, so therefore it doesn't go to Smart Away?


  • 50ae50ae mckinney, txMember

    I have 2 E3s and they are grouped together. When nobody uses the upstairs but their are people downstairs the upstairs will go into Away mode after 2 hours and the downstairs will function, as expected, with Smart Home.

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